Bodyguards for hire in Qatar

We provide personal protection or bodyguard services across Qatar. UK Close Protection Services Ltd prides itself on offering a premium bodyguard service that’s ideally suited for business people, high-profile individuals like celebrities, and anyone else who wants an extra layer of security.

We specialize in executive protection, which is mainly meant for executives and VIPs. What’s more, we can have a team ready to keep you safe in the shortest time!

Need personal protection in Qatar? Feel free to call us and speak to one of our experts today.

How to hire bodyguards in Dubai?

With the increase in crime rates and terrorism, it is essential to have security personnel around. Bodyguards are specialized security guards hired to protect a person or a group of people who are at risk of being attacked.

Bodyguards may be employed by public figures, celebrities, or private individuals. They can also be employed by companies that need protection for their employees.

While Dubai is a relatively safe city, with an incredibly low crime rate, the fact is most VIPs, government officials, and high profile business people or even their families are always at risk. That means even though the average ex-pat or local is safe, it's not a chance that most high-profile individuals will want to take. 

There are many different bodyguard services in Dubai, with some companies offering more than one service. 

In this article, we’ll examine how to hire an exemplary bodyguard service in Dubai. We’ll go into what you should know before you sign an agreement with the company.

Best Security Services in London | UK Close Protection Services
Best Security Services in London 

Do you or someone you know feel unsafe? Is your gut telling you that something isn’t quite right and there might be a hidden danger coming your way? It’s a common misconception that only celebrities or highly wealthy individuals warrant hiring security services in London.

No matter your social stature, financial position or career, at UK Close Protection Services, it’s our duty to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure. In this blog post, we will walk you through the reasons for hiring a security company in London, who we believe would benefit, the services we provide at UK Close Protection Services, and our guarantee to you for the best security services in London.
Chauffeur in London | Security drivers I London chauffeurs
If you require an executive chauffeur service in London to transport you to your destination safely and in style, then look no further than UK Close Protection Services Ltd, London.

With our professional chauffeur and close protection services, UK Close Protection services Ltd's chauffeur driven cars have provided London with luxurious chauffeur services alongside first-class security measures for many years.

And we're not just your average London chauffeur services as UK Close Protection Services are an established premium executive provider of close protection and body guarding provisions, as well as car hire, and are renowned as the best bodyguard as well as chauffeur company in London. We are the premiere provision of highly-trained, discreet and professional bodyguards and security drivers in London.
Security guards for hire in London
Security guards' roles have perhaps never been so important with the last year saw us all having to cope with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns.

As a result, over the last year, there’s been a spectacular surge of private security services usage for anything and everything from the hiring of a bodyguard to tackling crime, guarding trains and security guard services in general, as we’ve moved into filling the security vacuum along with CCTV operators, cash transit specialists, and close protection officers.

With so many businesses being closed during the lockdown, security guarding has never been more important than to ensure your business property and merchandise is safe and secure – construction site and retail security, 24-hour security, CCTV, key holding, and close protection services are just some of the security guarding services offered and are vital for peace of mind.

The necessary changes in the role of the security guard and a security company in helping deal with the pandemic have highlighted how imperative security guarding services have been in keeping individuals, businesses, and society, in general, safe and secure. It meant that security guards have had to change their tactics and behaviors to acclimatize to the challenging, changing times.

Many security guards have been enlisted to help local governments and communities cope with the physical, psychological, and financial security ramifications that have resulted from the viral outbreak by providing manned security and manned guarding services throughout the UK.

So, whether you require security guards for one-off events or continually patrolling specific areas, it's your choice as our security guards are experienced in security across the board.
The history of close protection bodyguarding
It’s a common misconception that choosing to hire a bodyguard is a modern invention. Thanks to Hollywood, we think of muscular men in black suits and sunglasses. But the truth of the matter is that the service is steeped in history with the earliest records dating back to Biblical times.

So, what’s the history of bodyguarding?

Who were the first close protection, and who did they protect? And how were they different from modern bodyguards? We’ve done some digging in the archives and have discovered some interesting facts about our predecessors. Intrigued? Read on.
How did Covid 19 affect Close protection services in London?
For any influential executive today, security is one of the most important topics. Today, executive protection is one of the most profitable services offered with so much fear globally. Every citizen in the world is now examining Executive Security to do their ordinary jobs without disrupting anybody waiting for any harm.

These services in the world make big profits to protect their busy and valuable users for all of these reasons. Security is not just about famous individuals and celebrities.

Near security officers and various others are educated and play a key role in protecting high-ranking officers and many prominent and athletic individuals. They are also educated. In certain situations, though, close protection would be needed for the common man too.
Best Bodyguard company in London
In a World Where You Need Protection More Than Ever, We Are the Go-To London Bodyguard Company…

UK Close Protection Services Ltd are an established premium executive provider of close protection and bodyguarding provisions in both domestic and international high risk markets and are renowned as the best bodyguard company in London.
We are the premiere provision of highly trained, discreet, and professional bodyguards in London.

London is the world’s leading financial investment destination and regularly hosts international financiers, politicians, retailers, royalty celebrities, and other VIPs.

Therefore, we offer specialist trained close protection bodyguards, convoy security, and path-finding services in high risk zones for private individuals, companies, and agencies in the London areas.

All of our highly-specialised close protection and bodyguard teams consist of ex-military and law enforcement veterans and are highly competent and qualified for whatever is thrown at them. Literally.

UK Close Protection Services is a privately-owned security company based in central London, and we offer a wide range of reputable security options, which are bespoke preferences to provide total security as well as lifestyle management for wealthy individuals, companies as well as properties.

We use our first-class military and security expertise to build individually tailored guarding and intelligence operations for families, individuals, and businesses with top-notch risk control strategies.

So, if you need a highly-reputable bodyguard company in London, look no further and be rest assured that you will be consistently in safe hands with our fully-vetted in-house bodyguarding operatives.

We want you to feel secure and, as such, have a 24/7 proactive response unit so that we can identify and react to any personal or security issue before you experience them. If you want a personable, professional service, then we’re the go-to close protection team you’re looking for…
Residential security services in London
10 Reasons for Hiring Residential Security In London

The world has become an unsafe place, especially for those who are having public value, political importance and a good amount of net worth.

People like entrepreneurs, corporate, politicians, celebrities and public speakers may be always on the radar of people who would like to harm or kidnap you for personal or financial gains. Be it your workplace or home, it is important to feel safe.

Of course, you can have a wide range of advanced gadgets and equipment at your home to add to your feeling of safety, there is nothing that can beat the importance of a human surveying the area.

Hiring a professional residential security in London is practical, especially for residential properties that are spread over a large property.

Having a professional security guard safeguarding your residential property can be a great benefit for you as it actively prevents vandalism, theft and common misbehaviour from occurring at property making it a safer place for you and your loved ones.

But that’s not enough when we start talking about the importance of hiring residential security services in London. These have been summarised here in this blog.
How to become a Bodyguard?
It seems quite easy to romanticise the life and work of a bodyguard. We can often see them on TV and News Channels, protecting people. If they’re not saving the presidents from terrorist attacks, they are busy protecting celebrities who miraculously fall in love with them.

Of course, the life of a bodyguard is really inspiring, but what we can’t deny is that becoming a bodyguard is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

People hire bodyguard in London to stay protected, so they’d expect the professional to be specialist in the particular job. If you feel that you have what it takes to beat the odds, then read on this detailed guide.
Can You Hire Armed Guards In The UK?
There is no denying the fact that certain individuals are known to be at more risk in comparison to others. There are several reasons for the same.

In case someone is showing signs of extreme wealth or might be in the spotlight, then one can consider seeking additional protection in the form of armed guards.

This is the reason why most people in the United Kingdom tend to inquire about the utilization of armed protection in the country.

Are bodyguards allowed to carry funs & arms for protecting the principal? We will aim at answering this question in the given post in detail.
Reason Why You Might Hire Close Protection in London

Security is a big issue these days and although it’s something you more readily associate with the criminal world, celebrities and high-flying businessmen, concerns about personal safety are not restricted to just the rich, the powerful and the famous.

To help put your mind at ease, we are going to discuss some of the most common reasons why people might hire close protection London.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hire Security in London Firm

There are many reasons why you may need to hire security in London. London is a very fast-paced city and if you are transporting sensitive cargo or important documents from one location to another and are worried about someone intercepting them, you may need to hire personal protection in London. Although it is very easy to do these days, you need to exercise caution. 

Just as is the case with any area of business, there will also be the rotten apples, those firms that rather than providing you with the expert protection and security you require, are just looking to rip you off with empty promises. 

Top help avoid that happening to you; therefore, we have put together a list of our top tips for choosing the best bodyguards for hire.

Looking to hire a bodyguard in London?
• Do you feel you are threatened?
• Are you in dire need of close protection services?
• Do you possess high-value assets that are to be protected at any cost?
• Do you worry about your child’s safety all the time?
• Do you feel your residence’s safety is compromised?
• Are you looking for professionals who can protect you from threats?
• Are you looking for a skilled security driver who can double up as your security agent?

If your answer is yes to any one of the above questions, well don’t worry anymore. Because, no matter what kind of security challenge or threat you are facing, we have a bunch of professionals ready to get you out of the way of any harm. Be it your protection, your family’s safety, your residence or office security and surveillance, your asset protection, your transportation-related security needs, or even your chauffeur requirements, here’s a team that offers you comprehensive, highly efficient yet affordable solutions.

Security isn’t something that we can compromise on. These days, we can never stress enough on the importance of security. These are desperate times and all you need is a team that isn’t just good enough to cover all aspects of existing and possible threats but are ready and prepared to handle the worst even if it comes to that. It’s indeed a tall order, but we have good news for you.
How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost in the UK?
Hiring a bodyguard in the UK is not as difficult as it seems. There are several companies that can provide bodyguard services in the country. People need services for various reasons. Some need them for their security in an event, high-profile individuals need bodyguards at the fear of kidnapping.

Bodyguards are the most important part of many people's lives including dignitaries, politician faces, celebrities etc, who are at a higher level of risk and danger. Many celebrities hire private security guards as they are always in the spotlight of crazy fans and stalkers. So, they hire 24-hour close protection for themselves.

Bodyguards stay with them every time when they step out from their home. When speaking about the cost of hiring bodyguard in the UK, the cost varies. You can find different types of security services offering bodyguards at different prices. The cost depends on the type of security you need.

There are no one-price-fits all. Rather it depends on the situation of individuals that require close protection. You can always look for bodyguard agencies in London online for fair comparison and then hire a bodyguard according to your needs and budget. For special occasions like special events and occasions.

Bodyguard offers their services by the hourly basis. The majority of people prefer to choose and hire bodyguard personally. They have to evaluate diverse factors to determine how much they are willing to pay. Here are a few aspects that you need to consider when asking for the price quote of a bodyguard. Let’s have a look.