Best Security Services in London | UK Close Protection Services

Best Security Services in London | UK Close Protection Services

Why Should You Hire a Security Company in London? 

Before we get into specifics, we want to make it clear that you don’t have to have a definitive reason for hiring a security company. If something has happened in your life that makes you feel a sense of unease or unsafe, we recommend putting your mind at ease and restoring peace into your life by hiring a security company in London.  

In saying that, these are some benefits to hiring professionals like the team at UK Close Protection Services

Prepared for any potential threat: security professionals are trained to be proactive in assessing potential threats. There could be only a matter of seconds before a situation which seems normal could turn dangerous. Our security team act quickly and efficiently to protect you and your loved ones from potential threats. We engage in tasks including mapping out routes, environment and room checks, monitoring for unusual activity and bugging devices, and assessment of all other threats to be prepared. 

Continuous evaluation of threat level: threat levels can change from hour to hour or day to day depending on your current situation. Our security team will continuously evaluate your threat level and adjust the protection as necessary. We are continuously looking for weak points or vulnerabilities to ensure we stay ahead of any potential dangers. 

Constantly on alert: our team is trained to always be on high alert to scan for potential threats. We have sharply trained eyes to identify potential threats before they materialise. We are more than just a second pair of eyes on you. 

Deter unsafe situations: purely being in your presence with our protective nature and appearance will help to deter unsafe situations from occurring. Whether the potential threat is someone known or unknown to you, we act as a wall between you and any potential harm. 

Quick and proactive response: we are your first line of defence to prevent potential danger from happening. Unlike emergency services which are reactive, we are proactive ensuring a fast response to prevent any harm to you and your loved ones. Our team are highly trained and skilled professionals who know how to handle expected and unexpected situations. 

Highly qualified: there are many security companies in London, however none are like the team at UK Close Protection Services. Our security professionals are SIA licensed, have undergone combat training and are highly skilled in all of the capabilities necessary to protect you from all threats. 

Feel safe and secure: the stress and anxiety caused by constantly feeling unsafe can cause serious issues to your health, your relationships and your work life. We will put your mind at ease by handling all of the assessments, protection and tasks to ensure your safety at all times. Now you will no longer feel the need to constantly look over your shoulder, you can finally relax and feel looked after. 

Who Needs Protection?

 As we’ve previously mentioned, unlike the way it is depicted in films and in mainstream media, it is not only the high powered or wealthy individuals in a society that would benefit from hiring security services in London. This list is by no means exhaustive, however individuals and groups who could potentially need protection include: 

Officials, CEOs and Business Executives: normally targeted for their wealth and possessions, those with high earnings or highly valuable possessions could be at risk of theft, blackmail or harm. 

Public Figures and Celebrities: due to their presence on social media, in films or in the media, these individuals or groups may be subject to paparazzi, stalkers or other potential dangers due to their fame. 

Trauma survivors: individuals who have suffered abuse or experienced incidents by known or unknown people could feel unsafe or at risk of circumstances reoccurring.

Protection for the vulnerable: due to the groups of vulnerable people at schools, churches and other public places, it is wise to have security personnel protect people that are vulnerable like children. 

Businesses: if a business keeps money or valuable assets on the premises, or has previously been subject to crime, the presence of security would make future customers feel safe. Hiring a security company in London can assist with better customer service, can maintain order until authorities arrive if an incident does occur, can build a business’ reputation, and save money in the long term with the prevention of theft. 

UK Close Protection Services 

At UK Close Protection Services, we take security very seriously. No matter your potential threat or danger, we have a service that would ensure your safety. We are experts in all security measures and specialise in: 

Bodyguard Services: highest level of one-to-one protection. 

Private Security Services: preventative service with male and female personnel as situations require. 

Close Protection Services: one-to-one-protection, this service is unidentifiable and more discreet than a bodyguard to ensure a low profile to have the upper hand in any situation. 

Residential Security Services: we protect the safety of you, your home and your belongings. We can install security systems, provide manned guarding 24 hours per day, act as the first point of contact for the property and review any deliveries.

Asset and High Value Goods Protection: we protect your jewellery and diamonds, heirlooms, racehorses, fine art, cars and other high value items. We also oversee the transportation of these items.  

Child Abduction Prevention: we protect families that are vulnerable or at a risk of being affected by attempts of kidnapping, hostage-taking or extortion.  

Security Chauffeur Services: we operate professional and high-quality security driver services in London to get you safely to and from your destination.  For more information about our services, please peruse our security services page.

We hope this information has been useful and should you have any enquiries about our security services in London or the team at UK Close Protection Services, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs via our contact details or form on our Contact Us page.