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Executive, Close Protection & VIP Protection Services

A specialist in providing close protection services to your top officials, businessmans, guests and celebrities.

UK Close Protection Services is a next-gen security service agency, dedicated at providing clients with best close protection in London, bodyguard, convoy security and path-finding services in high risk zones. Our teams, who regularly operate in high-threat or complex environments, are trained to handle all kinds of situations while ensuring to match each client’s individual requirements with consideration.

We are focused on following a collaborative and efficient approach to provide clients with the best close protection services London at reduced costs. The clients we work with are our main reason for success, which is why 100% client satisfaction is our main motto. Following this, UK Close Protection Services has grown from a one-man security guard company in London to a specialised agency in offering a range of security services to our clients.

Discretion and efficiency

Our bodyguard and security services are primarily characterized by maximum efficiency, precise and careful preparations. At UK Close Protection Services, we ensure to maintain the highest degree of discretion. And it’s all because of the specialised training to the team on handling the emergency situations with presence of mind.

Welcome to UK Close Protection Services

UK Close Protection Services is a specialist in offering a variety of high-quality and effective close protection security services to ensure complete safety to our valued clients who need that additional layer of safety. We provide our clients with the most professional and cost-effective close protection and bodyguard services in London. We are constantly working on developing our safety management skills to not just handle with any kind of emergency situation, but also detect potential risks and prevent any kind of damage. We are focused on ensuring compliance with safety measures without any failure. With you hire personal protection in London with us, you know that you are protected by some of the best professionals in the industry with unmatched professionalism through in-depth training and stringent recruitment practices.

Mission Statement: Our security specialists are dedicated at providing clients with safety, security and consistent delivery of our services with advanced training, skills and knowledge of the latest weapons. This is the foundation of everything we do.

Our Services

UK Close Protection Services offers a range of protective and security services with strong in-depth understanding over the nuances of working in different environments. We are specialist in identifying and mitigating risk while allowing our clients to protect their families, reputation, physical property and financial value.


Hire personal protection in London with our trained close protection officers, otherwise known as bodyguards. We have been serving VIP clients like politicians, celebrities and entrepreneurs with training and experience in high-risk zones, many of them – law enforcement and military veterans.

Private Security

We’re the industry leader in providing professional private security services and one of the biggest celebrity protection agencies in London. We will give you an extra layer of personal security to you and your family for complete peace of mind when out and about.

Close Protection

Personal and close protection specialists available in London, all well trained in security measures such as surveillance detection, arm handling and defensive driving. Our team consists of certified security professionals, specialising in vulnerability assessments and secure transportation to and from your home

Residential Security

Get the support of experienced team of security guards with expertise in dealing with residential communities London, where our access control, roving patrols and front desk ambassadors provide personalized services to the VIP clients and individuals.

Asset and High Value Goods Protection

Hire close protection services London to protect your valuable assets without any error. We are equipped with the advanced tracking and monitoring technology to provide real-time tracking and quick action. We also deploy critical asset security and protection services enabling secure transportation of assets.

Child Protection

Whether you’re a politician, celebrity, entrepreneur or anyone having immense wealth, your kids may be the easiest targets of the kidnappers, who are equipped with weapons and trained to do such illegal activities. Our child protection team is staffed around the clock, with a backup that would reach the spot of emergency to ensure protection of your child without any error.

Chauffeur/Security Driver

The addition of a professional and trained security driver, armed with advanced weapons, ensures that you are transported by a vetted and trained chauffer. The service may be further enhanced with close protection services London to elevate security of the valued clients.

Training Focused To Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

We have certified bodyguards and security professionals who are trained to protect our high profile clients like celebrities, eminent sports personalities, industrialists or any individual exposed to threat. We follow a custom approach for added security to provide clients with an additional layer of protection 24/7.

The hiring process is focused on identifying individuals that are vigilance, have great sixth sense and proactive approach.
Specialised training is provided to each bodyguard to handle all kinds of emergency situations and threat perceptions.
Most of our team members are retired NSG, defense and police personnel with specialised weapon handling skills.
Each team member of UK Close Protection Services is equipped with specialist training in martial arts and close combats.

Why should you need a close protection security agency?

When you have immense wealth or want to stay safe from unwanted life threats, you have unlimited reasons to hire security London. First of all every emergency situation requires different and tailor-made security solutions. There are many ways close protection services London can help:

- Stay prepared for any situation
- Assess strength of security
- Prevent any criminal incident
- Hear and see everything
- Handle other security tasks

Need someone to handle your personal protection and safety needs? Contact with us now. We will examine your request and a trained professional will connect with you as soon as possible for most affordable security services.