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We are dedicated to providing security, safety, and consistent delivery of high-quality services.

Our highly experienced personnel makes the world a safer place by employing their advanced training knowledge, skills, and use of the modern technology and weapons.
This is what forms the foundation for all our operations.

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Close Protection and Security Services

The crime rate in London has been rising steadily in the recent past. Cases of homicides, knife attacks, gunshots have all been reported by the Metropolitan Police. The Office of National Statistics has reported grim figures about criminal activities in London and the surrounding areas. Homicide cases increased by 23% in 2019 (compared to the 2028 figures), while knife killings increased by 28% in the same period.

Thefts, armed robberies, and drug offenses, all increased. From the Metropolitan Police records, the number of cases rose by 5% in the 2018 financial year. At the national level, police recorded over 5.8 million cases in Wales and England.

Criminals in London and the United Kingdom do not only target businesses, but also individuals, especially those they believe are financially well off, like VIPs, celebs, or business magnates. That's why if you fall into this category, you'll need security services and close protection. The nature of your work may also necessitate having bodyguards.
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Executive and VIP Protection Services

Even if you don't want to hire bodyguards for yourself, you can hire them for your guests, top officials, or high-ranking employees. 
Whatever the reason you have for hiring bodyguards, UK Close Protection Services is here for you. 

We are a forward-looking security company that understands that security is a basic need, and everyone needs dedicated 
protection not only in London and the United Kingdom, but everywhere else in the world.  That's why we adopt certain security measures, focussing on  both the aesthetics, as well as thend material needs.
We combine these two aspects of security to ensure our clients have peace of mind. We base material security on strategic mathematical calculations that help us determine the likelihood of certain risks becoming real and, thereby, taking the necessary measures to protect our clients. The aesthetic aspect of our security system is about how our bodyguards carry themselves and the way they dress up. 

Our bodyguards in London carry themselves with dignity and are always smartly dressed. We ensure that the presence of our vehicles and operators are directly connected by appearance and type to the security system we've put in place. 

Our close protection in London is about providing practical solutions based on accurate measurements with our eyes keen on prevention. We study journeys and destinations; we carry out cartographic analysis and site inspections. And we also interview the local staff to find out about anything else that might be necessary or useful in helping us in executing our operations. 

We provide our clients with the best close protection in London, which includes pathfinding, and convoy security services in high-risk areas. We have a team of experts who have operated in complex or high-threat environments for many years. They greceive et regular training so they can handle any situation that arises whilste ensuring the unique need of each client is complied with. 

We follow an efficient and collaborative approach to make sure we provide our clients with the best bodyguard services in London at affordable costs. We've worked with many clients, and one thing we've realized is that their cooperation has contributed to a lot to our success. 

Our clients trust us and are willing to provide us with as much information as we need to help us provide them with services that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Because of our dedication and excellent work, we've managed to grow from a small security company to a fully fledged security agency offering all kinds of security solutions. So, if you want to hire security in London, don't look further than UK Close Protection Services.
Executive and VIP Protection Services
Efficiency and Discretion
complete reliability

Efficiency and Discretion

We are not just another security firm, UK Close Protection Services understands the security concerns of companies and individuals who require protection services. The recent technological and political developments both internationally and nationally has increased the need for protection.

Our unarmed and armed bodyguards can recognize threats in a split second and can act fast to keep their subjects safe, no matter the industry where they are deployed.

Our security and bodyguard services are mainly characterized by maximum reliability, efficiency,  and careful and precise preparations. They are highly trained to provide security and safety for all those who have legitimate concerns about real or even imagined threats. We will take care of all your security needs tactfully and professionally. At UK Close Protection Services, we also maintain the highest level of discretion. This is because our officers have several years of experience in handling emergencies.

All our bodyguards have licenses and are registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This works to your advantage because it assures you that they will act according to SIA standards and are capable of handling all security situations with precision. Before we start working, we'll sign a  non-disclosure agreement with you to guarantee discretion and privacy. You can hire our bodyguards for your safety, or we can offer you residential security in London.

What sets us apart from other security companies is that we put lay a lot of emphasis on personal protection. We have the latest security gadgets, arms, tracking devices, and all accessories that are necessary to detect threats and protect our clients. This is perhaps the leading reason why we are the first choice for many high-end clients who need protection around the clock.

All our clients have reported 100% satisfaction with our services, citing how efficient, responsive, and flexible and security agents are. Your case won't be an exception. We put our clients first; everything else comes second.
UK Close Protection

We pride ourselves on qualifications of both our unarmed and armed agents and security guards.

We only employ highly qualified and competent bodyguards who are capable of dealing with any challenges that may arise when they are on duty. We specialize in offering various effective and high-quality bodyguard services that ensure our valued clients are adequately protected.

Even if you need additional layers of protection, we've got you covered.
All our security agents, unarmed guards, armed guards, and bodyguards have worked in top security units in London and the UK, including government security departments including ex special forces. Many executive security companies prefer quantity over quality. That's not the case with us.

We acknowledge the fact that a vibrant society with active citizens needs a  company that understands the security threats the celebrities, dignitaries, and executives are likely to face. That's why UK Close Protection Services strives to consistently provide unparalleled services. We know that times change, and criminals are developing new ways of attacking their targets.

That's why we also keep improving our safety management skills to counter the new threats our clients may face. The number of times leading media outlets refer to us as experts in security matters is a clear testimony that we are a highly effective and 
innovative service provider that does a better job than any other security company in London.

Our focus is to ensure we comply with all safety measures because we know security matters involve human lives. When you hire a bodyguard with us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We have the best security agents with unmatched professionalism backed with thorough training and rigorous recruitment practices. We don't take chances when it comes to matters of security. That's why we usually take steps to ensure all loopholes are sealed.
Our Services
We offer a range of security for hire and protective services tailored to meet everyday security challenges.
We understand the risks faced in different working environments, and we are qualified enough to identify, detect, and mitigate all these risks. In doing this our clients will have their physical properties, reputation, and families protected.

We are experts at what we do and that's why we usually receive repeat clients and referrals.
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Why should you need a Close Protection Security Company?

London and the entire UK isn't safe for those who are rich. There are criminal gangs who are always planning on who to pounce on next.

Some of these criminals can even kidnap your child and demand a ransom. There are also rampant cases of armed robberies, carjackings, and terrorist activities. So if you have immense wealth, you need to hire a bodyguard to keep you safe from unwanted life threats.

Bodyguards can also protect you in case of a terrorist attack. Every emergency is unique and needs tailor-made solutions. 

Since situations change, our bodyguards undergo refresher training regularly. They are evaluated after each training to assess whether they are fit for security assignments. 

During the training, they are taken through counter-surveillance, first aid, venue security, incident management, route selection, and risk and threat assessment. Our company is owned by ex-special forces and we employ ex special forces and ex military bodyguards for hire. There are many ways our services can help you.

Some of these ways include:
  • Preparing you for any situation that might arise
  • Assessing the strength of your security system to boost it
  • Prevent any threats or criminal incidence from occurring
  • Seeing and hearing everything that goes on around you
  • Handling all other tasks related to security.
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We guarantee complete satisfaction.

Bodyguard services

Because of the rise in criminal activities in London and the UK, there's a need to hire personal protection officers known as bodyguards or close protection officers. UK Close Protection Services has been offering security services to VIPs like entrepreneurs, celebrities, and politicians for many years. Our officers have specialized training to operate in high risk zones because they have worked as law enforcement and military personnel.  

There are many bodyguard companies in London, but not all of them are the same. When choosing a bodyguard company, you must consider what technology they use, the officers they employ, and the many years they have been working.
Bodyguard services
What else set's our bodyguard apart from the rest?  

Close Protection Services stands tall among other security companies. Our guards think logically before taking action. Our bodyguards have excellent situational awareness coupled couples with sharp eyes. They constantly scan environments watching out for any potential conflicts or situations that may harm the client. They can detect and stop potential accidents or attackers before they strike. Our bodyguards are aware that being proactive is better than being reactive when it comes to avoiding threats. 

Our close protection officers are also self-confident. This is a critical trait for all bodyguards. Self-confidence has nothing to do with being arrogant or feeling superior. Our bodyguards are self-confident in the sense that they know what to do to ensure our clients are safe. 

Attackers know how to read the body language of bodyguards, and will easily tell if a bodyguard is not up to the task. This means that a bodyguard with no self-confidence exposes his/her client to attacks. A self-confident bodyguard deters potential attackers and wards them off from the person they are protecting. The factual actions by bodyguards comprise only 20% of their work, the remaining 80% is about thinking ahead and prevention. That's why adequate training is necessary for security officers. 

Another reason why many people hire us is that our bodyguards are trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. Our bodyguards will always be available, and you can depend on them. They are reliable, making them worthy of your trust. 

We know how trust is important because there are certain personal issues you may need to disclose to the bodyguards to enhance your security. For example, your bodyguard may get to know about your medical problems, relationship issues, or business deals that you don't want other people to know. Other than just protecting you physically, our bodyguards will also ensure your confidentiality is protected. Even if you are dealing with issues that our bodyguards don't agree with, they'll keep their opinions to themselves and respect whatever you are doing. 

Communication is very important between a client and a bodyguard. Communication breakdown can cause a serious security threat. That's why we train our bodyguards on communication skills so they can communicate clearly, effectively, and in a way that can be understood. Our bodyguards also have excellent listening skills that enable them to take instructions.

Private Security Services

When you want to run a  successful operation, event, or business, you have to hire security personnel. Because you never know what may happen along the way. Whether you are just looking to boost your security for your event, or you want VIP protection service, it's always advisable to choose the best bodyguard company in London so you can be sure any potential issues can be dealt with before they turn into a threat.
Hire Private Security Services in London
Why should you choose our private security services?

As a top security company, we are aware of the importance of hiring a security company with knowledge, experience, and high professional standards. UK Close Protection Services is such a company. We are among the leading celebrity and VIP protection agencies in London. No matter the kind of security service you need, we'll provide you with an extra layer of protection so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind. 

Technological advancements indeed have availed many devices and tools that assist in security operations, but there are some qualities that security personnel must possess so they can use these devices and tools effectively. UK Close Protection Services is the industry leader when it comes to the provision of private security services. 

First and foremost, our agents use common sense and they have good judgment. Their senses are fine-tuned to help them spot dangerous situations and make correct decisions quickly before anyone is harmed. 

Remember that personal security can be compromised in an instant. That's why you need a partner that can think and react quickly without making any mistakes. Our experts can work anywhere in the law enforcement and criminal justice industry. 
That's why we have agencies, companies, and individuals vying to hire us. 

We are specialized in a wide range of areas. If you are looking to hire security on-site is just one of the things we do to protect the interest of our clients. Whenever an issue arises to an extent that it can get out of control, we are always ready to add more security personnel to keep you, your property, and your employees safe. 

If your organization has executives, VIPs, or such high- ranking employees, you may need private security in London to ensure they are always safe.

Close Protection Services in London

If you are looking for specialists in close protection in London,  UK Close Protection Services is your answer. We have experts who are well trained in security matters, including defensive driving, arms handling, and surveillance detection.

The security industry is growing very fast because of the new threats that crop up daily. That's why government entities, non-profits, big corporations, and businesses are outsourcing services such as public safety, investigative, law enforcement, security, and many other services. They do this because outsourcing is less costly compared to having to train and maintain an in-house team.
Close Protection Services in London
On matters of security,  UK Close Protection Services should be on top of your list.

We are the best among all security companies in London because we start our work by drawing a working plan. We have a team of certified security professionals that specialize in vulnerability assessments and can secure transportation to and from your home. 

Any security assignment that we undertake must start with a solid plan that considers a variety of security situations. We consider situations such as natural disasters, an unauthorized entry into business premises, strikes, and any other threats that might arise depending on the nature of your business and its location. 

The plans help our personnel to keep order when situations arise and ensure everything needed for your safety and that of your employees are put in place. We have a master guide for our employees to help them know how to conduct themselves in different environments and situations. Our guide is comprehensive, providing specific guidance and directions for practically all situations touching on security. 

Whereas we appreciate the fact that there is a myriad of situations that may crop up any minute, we pride ourselves on the fact that our employees are endowed with problem-solving skills. They are people who think on their feet. They can assess a situation very fast and act appropriately depending on how things unfold and protect you even in extreme or unexpected situations.

The good news is that our officers are all physically fit. This helps them because their work may involve lots of walking, running, scaling up walls, and even carrying their clients should matters get worse in the process of protecting them. They can also stand for hours while on duty and may be involved in a fight with those trying to attack the clients.

Physical fitness is also important when they want to chase and arrest criminals, or when they have to deal with situations that require stamina and strength. Even if you don't want your bodyguards to be involved in a fight, a situation may arise that it's only through a fight that they can save your life and their lives.

Being that they are physically fit and strong doesn't mean they are mean-looking. Our officers are very friendly and sociable but act professionally. Because they are friendly, your customer, visitors, and staff will find it easy to work with them. This helps in preventing tension between our officers and your customers, employees, and others.

Residential Security Services

In 2019, about 70,000 cases of burglaries were reported in London. Of these cases, over 40,000 targeted homes. That's why residential security has become more important in London and the UK than ever before.

As stated earlier, there's a general increase in cases of terrorism and crimes because of police cutbacks. With the reduced number of the police, thieves are having a field day, knowing that they won't get caught easily. Because there's less risk for criminals to get arrested, burglary has become lucrative in London and the thieves have organized themselves into gangs that terrorize people even during the day. These thieves mainly target the high-end areas in London where they know they can get rich people and good returns for their criminal activities.
Residential Security Services
When burglars strike, both you are your loved ones may get hurt or even killed.

That's why you need bodyguard services to get protected by an experienced team of security agents with experience and expertise in the protection of residential communities in London.

Criminals are getting more violent and sophisticated in their operations to ensure they get whatever they want. They can strike when you least expected because they monitor your movements and plan well in advance. Even the security gadgets you have at home can not deter them from penetrating your home.

You need security guards in London from UK Close Protection Services to take charge of security issues in your home.  Our roving patrols, access control, and front desk ambassadors will provide you with customized services depending on your home location, what's in the home, and the size of your family.

Properties in London are the most expensive in the UK. London also has the most affluent residential area in the UK. All these attract criminals some of whom travel long distances from all over Europe to target high-end vehicles and homes. They steal vehicles to export them or to strip them of parts, which they sell separately.

Alarms and CCTVs are no longer sufficient to provide security. You need the presence of security guards in your home. UK Close Protection Services provide ex-police and ex-military residential security personnel to protect homes in London and the UK. When you hire us we'll have security guards stationed at your home to guard you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They'll be in charge of opening gates and doors, screening visitors and mails, monitoring CCTV, answering phone calls, and conducting patrols throughout the day and night.

If you don't want guards to be permanently stationed at your home, we can have them visit your home at random times to conduct security checks and patrols. They can come several times during the day and even at night.

Our mobile patrol units use guard dogs once in a while to help in searching for and deterring organized and opportunist criminals. We pride ourselves on providing the best residential security services in London. We've managed to build a solid reputation for going over and above in providing security services to our clients. We can provide security services on a part-time or full-time basis. Part-time services are good if you are going somewhere far for a holiday and you want to leave your home in safe hands.

Asset and High Value Goods Protection

The protection of priceless and high-value assets from criminals is a concern for all businesses and individuals in London. If you own such high-value goods, you need to hire close protection services in London to ensure your valuable assets are safe.

We'll provide you with professionals that can carry out a thorough risk assessment and plan each static or mobile deployment. UK Close Protection Services is equipped with sophisticated monitoring and tracking technology that provide real-time tracking so quick action can be taken. We also deploy critical asset security and protection services enabling secure transportation of assets.
Asset and High Value Goods Protection
Our high value assets protection services are cost-effective, innovative, and robust.

We can plan for contingencies and to make sure all checkpoints of the assets are reached and the assets remain safe. While under our care, your assets will be fully secured, whether we are just protecting them or transporting them. We regularly protect and move high-value assets for our customers, from jewels to priceless artworks, and temporary or permanent venues, for transactions or private viewing.

We provide a wide range of asset protection services to safeguard our clients' valuable assets from criminals like thieves.  We are experts at protecting high-value one-off assets, exclusive/high-end car collections, racehorses, diamond (jewels), fine art, among others. We apply modern security technology, robust management, and proven technologies to mitigate all potential risks.

Our asset and high-value goods protection services include underwriter liaison, employee background checks, surveillance, motion sensors, security systems, physical protection of assets on transit, contingency planning, and comprehensive assessment of risks.
At UK Close Protection Services, we use top-notch tracking and monitoring technology to track and monitor both mobile and static assets. We provide real-time reports when needed by our clients so they can get to know the status of their assets at any moment.  
We understand that high-value assets are particularly vulnerable while in transit. Shipments and goods are constantly targeted by opportunistic and organized criminals. We must always stay ahead of them. The threats against high-value assets and valuable freiight are on the rise globally. For this reason, the protection and security of transported and static goods are paramount. Our experts have a deep understanding of how what these assets need to be safe from long-term and immediate security threats.  
It is our mission to guarantee and ensure that all goods under our care are never tampered with. We offer specialized asset and high-value goods protection services incomparable to that of any other security company in London.

Our diverse protocol and integrated services allow us to serve all clients in London and the UK with specialist resources and capabilities to support and assist the movement of pricey assets in this region. With over 10 years of experience in this industry, you can bet that we have the best operators.

We can provide asset tracking and protection for large, medium, or small individual high-priced shipments, items, and multiple assets. So if you have transiting personnel, sensitive documents, high-end vehicles, or special shipping containers that need tracking and protection, don't hesitate to call us. Our shipments and operations are effectively protected, fully insured, and are tracked by time-tested methods, around the clock monitoring technology, and protective intelligence.

We help private individuals and companies all over the UK with a wide range of complex assignments requiring specialist services to securely and safely deliver or protect their assets.

While being creative, we base our strategies on time-tested principles that have been proven to work. This explains why our plans are always resilient in the face of all manner of challenges.  Our highly trained and experienced guards make sure every step is taken with consummate skill, passion, and pride.

Child Abduction Prevention in London

If you are a successful entrepreneur, celebrity, politician, or anyone with immense riches, your children are at risk, and they can become victims of kidnap at any time.

That's why, if you fall into this category, you'll need someone to keep an eye on your kids wherever they are. The person you choose to take care of your children should be trustworthy and honest. We've heard of cases where caretakers liaise with kidnappers to abduct children. You don't want to fall victim to such a racket. UK Close Protection Services are specialists in child protection. When you hire us, we'll provide you with armed and unarmed bodyguards to protect your family against any harm or kidnap.
Child Abduction Prevention in London
We guarantee complete security and piece of mind for your entire family.

Being an elite London security company whose members are registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA), you can trust us with taking care of your children. Our child protection officers are well equipped with modern weapons, backed by several years of experience and training to take care of any emergency your child can face.

We've gained valuable experience working for various agencies on very demanding security assignments. With this experience, taking care of your kids won't be a problem. This is because our officers are accustomed to working under tough conditions taking care of high-profile individuals and their families.

We base our services on complete customer satisfaction for your family or business profile. Our employees have impeccable mental and physical readiness to continually execute the highest expertise level demonstrating protection to the highest industry standards. Our experts have passed very rigorous security and verification clearances.

Child protection against kidnapping is a very specialized aspect of security that requires experience in dealing with children. Children bring unique challenges depending on how they are brought up, and because they are quite unpredictable. Some are outgoing and friendly while others are usually uncomfortable in the presence of strangers. Some take only a few hours or days to get used to their bodyguards, while some take months. Our security officers are trained to deal with all children, no matter their unique set of behaviors.

Our several years of experience means we can assess requirements, study the children, determine areas of potential threats or risks, and come up with a protection plan for the children. We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every family and every child. As we protect your child, we'll never restrict or interfere with their freedom to play and have fun with other their fellow children.

We can cover both long-term and short-term security solutions, and if necessary provide our clients with supporting equipment to enhance the security of their children.

Chauffeur / Security Driver Services

UK Close Protection Services has trained drivers comprising former military and law enforcement personnel,  they are trained officers with a wealth of experience as security chauffeurs & security drivers.

In addition to trained and professional security armed drivers with sophisticated weapons, you'll be transported by a trained and vetted security chauffeur. We usually enhance our services by offering close protection services in London to boost the security of our high-valued customers.
Chauffeur / Security Driver Services
Our clients include dignitaries, celebrities, C-suite executives, and other public figures.

We've served them for several years and all those we've served testify that we've given them peace of mind, not only because we enable them to move efficiently from one place to another, but because of the reassurance that they are protected should 
something go wrong.

Our drivers have undergone thorough training to enable them to have the ability to deal with a variety of situations such as the presence of overzealous fans or media, a disgruntled crowd, car-jacking, armed ambush, or kidnap.

If you are a business executive, we can help to move you from place to place, and if you are a celebrity, we can help move you through a huge crowd of your fans.

Our close protection chauffeur and security driver have enhanced driving skills such as route reconnaissance and planning, personal security awareness, car control, and safe driving. Our security drivers are trained to think ahead and plan daily itineraries. They have excellent navigation skills and are conversant with all shortcuts in London. In case of a threat or an emergency, they'll drive you to safety within no time. Our chauffeurs are good at timekeeping, and they have good communication skills.
trust the proffesionals

Training Focused to be Proactive rather than Reactive

All our bodyguards are certified, licensed, and registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA). They undergo rigorous background checks before we hire them. We only employ honest guards with clean, non-criminal records.

After hiring, they undergo fresh training so they can know how to protect our high- profile clients like eminent sports personalities, celebrities,  industrialists, or any other person exposed to a security threat.

We protect extremely high net-worth clients each having their unique requirements. That's why we train our bodyguards to be all-rounders and to be proactive rather than reactive. They maintain high professional standards and ll will know how to keep their boundaries when protecting you, your family, or your property.

They know London and the entire UK very well which helps them to plan your protection no matter where you want to travel to or whether you want to stay in this region. We have an intelligent cell that provides us with up-to-the-minute terror and security threat analysis.
Training Focused to be Proactive rather than Reactive