Security guards for hire in London

Security guards for hire in London

Security - Personal Bodyguard Solutions 

At UK Close Protection Services Ltd, we also know that during periods of uncertainty, there are periods of time when individuals need us in the security industry more than ever as close protection security guards.

Our security services of close protection including residential security services usually involve guarding individuals or groups who are in need of security services for particular reasons - it could be because they are high-profile businesspeople, royalty, or celebrities - each and every one of our security services and close protection cases are unique. Therefore the security services provided by our security company is bespoke.

So, in a world where Covid-19, criminals, and terrorism threaten our safety, keeping safe and having the right level of protection is vital to security and everyone's peace of mind. Our security officers' team is highly experienced, having dealt with clients from a range of different sectors such as film, television, radio, and the music industry.

Our close protection officers are professional and subtle and do their best to let our clients go about their daily lives with little involvement. Our security company's manned security are highly trained in dealing with a broad range of situations and threats, allowing them to respond efficiently and professionally to clients' needs.

Security Services - Cost-effective Security Solutions

So, suppose you are in need of a security guard company with many years' experience, who are able to provide a wide range of security solutions and event security during these unprecedented times. In that case, you should contact us to see what services we can provide for your construction or retail business or whatever business you are in...

Our security guard services offer professionally trained and experienced security guards who can be deployed on your site nationwide within 4 hours. Depending on your project brief and site requirements will determine who our operations team selects as your security guards.

Site-specific training is given prior to the start of any security assignment - all of our security guards, therefore, offer a provision of security second-to-none as they are SIA licensed/and fully trained and are thoroughly screened and fully vetted to British Standards.

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Security Guard - On-site Protection

We can offer on-site security guards in London outside regular business hours, which, regardless of the pandemic, provides you with peace of mind irrespective of the size of your operation, and our mobile services are a smart, cost-effective security solution.

Our highly-trained mobile personnel can help you prevent, deter and detect vandalism, theft, and other threats to the safety and security of your property and staff. Mobile patrols with their key holding services can provide a cost-effective alternative to having a manned guarding service.

Our security company has dispatched mobile patrols to ensure the security of closed and empty offices, retail security, and commercial outlets, including construction sites. Perhaps you require your property's doors locked, your windows checked, your business facilities inspected, and any alarms responded to? We can provide all your security needs with our experience and highly qualified security officers.

Our leading security mobile services can take care of your property security and provide a quick response while reducing your costs and improving your security program at facilities where a static guard is not always a viable solution...

Security Guard Services - Top Security Service

Our leading security services at UK Close Protection Services act as a deterrent against potential thieves and vandals on the premises being patrolled as they act as a visual deterrent.

Whether they are patrolling a particular neighborhood, a retail, or a commercial area, our guards in their marked vehicles and our trained security guards who are reliable, vigilant, and responsive will inspect your property as often as required.

Our mobile patrol guards will inspect building premises, fence perimeters, office areas, common areas, and the doors and windows of your business or residence.

All of our security guards are fully trained and experienced with all close protection and bodyguard security work with state-of-the-art technology and surveillance equipment.

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From concierge security staff to doormen to the prevention of squatting with our vacant property security guard services with our manned monitoring of your vacant property, we can provide a full range of experience and years of fighting to reduce crime to keep you safe.

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Together we can beat crime and Covid