Reason Why You Might Hire Close Protection in London

Reason Why You Might Hire Close Protection in London

Involved in Performing Duties Overseas

This is one of the most common reasons why celebrities, government officials and high-profile corporate executives hire close protection. It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a hostile environment (though if there is political or social unrest, then security for foreigners is even more paramount), but when working abroad, especially if you are representing a wealthy institution or corporation, it is always wise to have some kind of professional personal protection. 

Protection Against Paparazzi and the Media

Although this is another situation that is more likely to pose security risks for the rich and the famous, if you ever find yourself in the public eye, for whatever reasons, the media can be very intrusive.

Hiring close protection can protect you against the paparazzi. As they have experience dealing with unscrupulous types who work for the press, they know how best to offer damage limitation and stop them from getting their stories and photographs.

Involvement in a Court Case

This is something that anyone who is either standing trial or testifying, providing a witness statement or otherwise involved in court case. If you are giving evidence against someone, they might hire someone to put pressure on you or even threaten you to change your stance or position. That’s when it can be sensible to hire a professional bodyguard or a team that offers private bodyguard services and personal security for hire.

Victim of Stalking – Facing Danger of Being Kidnapped or Worse

Stalking is something that for too long has been not given the proper consideration. Although in the first instance, stalking can be nothing but a nuisance and annoyance, it can get scary very quickly and could lead to kidnapping or even serious assault and murder. 

Therefore, having someone to protect you and those closest to you from attacks can be a real life saver and make you rest more easily at night without having to constantly look over your shoulder.

Hosting Large Scale Event

When planning any large scale events, whether it’s a music festival, food and drink festival or some other kind of conference, and have a lot of people in attendance, it is important to have suitable security in place.

Even if you think your event is likely to experience any trouble, you can neverbe too careful, because the attendees who have paid good money, or at least put their trust in you as an organiser, expect their safety to be one of your main priorities. 

So, before you dismiss the idea of hiring personal protection, think about the above situations and reasons where it is perfectly acceptable. 

Basically, though, if you are worried about any threat to the safety of yourself, other people in your family or business or have sensitive documents or personal belongings that might be valuable to someone who is likely to pose a threat, you need to hire a professional.

There are an overwhelming number of organisations and firms offering bodyguards for hire and other forms of close protection, London based and otherwise.

Therefore, the next problem you face is how you go about choosing the right firm from a list of potentially 100s that all claim to be the best of the best.

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