About us

The safety and security of our clients is our ultimate goal.

UK Close Protection Services was founded in 2017 by an ex-special forces soldier and is recognised as the best bodyguard services in London.
Our CEO has over 15 years of experience in providing security services, mainly consisting of close protection and bodyguard services, however we also have extensive experience in other security services including private security services, child protection, protection of assets and high value goods, close protection chauffer drivers, security drivers and we also have a residential security team. For more information about our services, please click here.

All of our staff are highly sought after and highly experienced and professional handpicked ex-special forces and ex-military and provide the best protection in the industry. We mainly provide our services in London; however, we also service the rest of the United Kingdom and are available worldwide if necessary.
safety and security of our clients is our ultimate goal
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Why Choose UK Close Protection Services?
We provide close protection in London for individuals and enterprises that require professional security against any kind of threat or danger, either known or unknown. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your safety. 

The majority of our clients belong to the following groups:

- Royalty
- Public Figures
- High Net Worth Individuals
- Corporate
- Government Agencies
- Non-Governmental Organisations
- The Family of any of these Individuals or Enterprises

To ensure that we are the highest quality and most effective security company in London, all of our security team have a SIA Close Protection licence and they are required to undergo security screening and vetting in compliance with BS7858 standards and sign non-disclosure agreements as well as non-compete agreements.

Our services are mainly utilised by adults over the age of 18 who are members of the above individual and enterprise categories; however, we also provide protection to the children and family of these individuals and enterprises as we understand that they can also be at risk in some circumstances.

As we have extensive experience working with a broad range of clients, we understand the unique complexities and nuances of providing security to different individuals and enterprises. High profile clients such as celebrities, whether they are musicians or actors, may require protection during travel from one destination to another or security while attending events.

Our team are trained in dealing with the specific potential threats in these circumstances. For individuals requiring protection, we can conduct our services with minimal intrusion to your daily activities so you can have the peace of mind of feeling protected without having to completely change your routine or disrupt your life.

Competitive Advantage

UK Close Protection Services is the top bodyguard company in London with the purpose of providing peace of mind and the highest level of protection to our clients. We provide both residential security and business services to ensure we cover all bases of your life.
Unlike most other security companies, we are managed by, and have a team of, individuals who have military experience and are highly skilled in assessing, managing and mitigating risks. We are always light years ahead of any potential threat and remain vigilant to ensure that we are flexible for changes in environment and circumstances.

Unlike hiring one individual bodyguard, when you hire UK Close Protection Services, you have added safety as we have a complete team of experts meaning we have more resources if needed to ensure your safety. We can assess your requirements on a case-by-case level.

With our ex-special forces and ex-military background, we have pioneered a new approach to protect our clients. We utilise our skills, tact and knowledge to excel in premium risk mitigation, intelligence and providing protective solutions. We revolutionise the personal security and surveillance industry and unlike most, we are well equipped with all the combat training skills and weapons handling skills to protect you from modern day threats.
Our Values

Our Values

Our clients are always at the centre of our business and we continue to improve our services daily to ensure your satisfaction and ultimate security. For our Bodyguard Services in London, the UK and abroad, our core values are:

Communication – clear and effective lines of communication are incredibly important in our line of work. To carry out our security services to the highest level, all of our team members are great listeners and can take instructions effectively. 

Confidentiality – due to the personal nature of personal protection, all of our team members exercise the upmost confidentiality with any personal or sensitive information you provide them so that they can perform their services. You can have peace of mind knowing that the information that you share will not be disclosed to any other parties.

Dedication – we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our clients leading us to develop great relationships with those we work with on a long-term basis to provide the best protection.

Professionalism – no matter who we are working with, whether our clients are high-profile, public figures or high-net worth individuals, we always maintain a high level of professionalism in the way we present ourselves in terms of personal appearance and our resources including our vehicles, and also in the way we treat our clients, with the highest level of respect at all times. 

Prevention and Adaptability – due to the ever-changing nature of potential threats, our team have implemented and constantly assess risk management to remain flexible and adaptable, so we are ready for anything to ensure that your safety is never 

Reliability – we provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed and will always be available when you need us. For example, for our residential security in London, we will be in charge of opening gates and doors, screening visitors and mail, 
monitoring CCTV, answering phone calls, and conducting patrols throughout the day and night. We can also conduct random home visits if you’d prefer not to have permanent security at your home.

Innovation – with the constant changes in technology, there is an increased need for innovation. At UK Close Protection Services, we continuously improve our safety management skills to ensure we are best equipped to deal with new threats before they become apparent and become a danger. 

Highly Trained – all of our security team are ex-special forces and ex-military and have had extensive training and have a SIA Close Protection licence to ensure they have the latest skills and knowledge to ensure your safety. Before working with us, they undergo security screening and vetting in compliance with BS7858 standards and sign non-disclosure agreements as well as non-compete agreements.

Above and Beyond – our team are extremely careful and precise with the security services we provide. We will go above and beyond to make sure you and your interests are protected.
“I am astonished by the capabilities and the
credentials of my hired personal protection (…)
I felt safer than ever while being accompanied
by your bodyguards!”

How To Work With UK Close Protection Services?

If you require a security company in London, our prices are some of the most affordable for our level of service in the country. Prices range from £25-£50 an hour. To determine the accurate price for the individual services that you require, we assess the task, your risk level, location and hours of service. Please note, our minimum service is between 4-6 hours. We are more than happy to provide you with a free risk assessment quote before booking. 

Book our Private security Services

If you feel that you have a potential threat or that you could benefit from additional security support, we recommend hiring our Bodyguard Services in London. Our team of professional close security experts will be happy to help you with all your protection and residential security needs.

Every call and enquiry that we receive is dealt with the utmost discretion, respect, carefulness and understanding.

If you are interested in hiring close protection in London, or any part of the world, we can provide a FREE risk assessment quote before you book. Please note, you can book via phone, email and WhatsApp.

Phone Call: +44 (0) 203 605 1874

WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7515 772 232

Email: [email protected]


Are you a security professional and want to join the team at UK Close Protection Services? 

We have a rigorous recruitment practice and we only take on the highest skilled professionals in the industry. We require a minimum of 2 years’ experience in close protection, we prefer ex-special forces and those with military experience, and those with a physically strong physique. As our services rely on maintaining excellent relationships with our staff, we require only those that operate with high levels of professionalism and respect and have the ability to put the client first at all times.

To ensure that we are the highest quality and most effective security company in London, all of our security team have a SIA Close Protection licence and they are required to undergo security screening and vetting in compliance with BS7858 standards and sign non-disclosure agreements as well as non-compete agreements.

If you fit these guidelines, please email your CV with a photo of yourself to [email protected] and we will be in touch if you have progressed to the next round of our recruitment process.

What clients are saying about UK Close Protection services? Probably best security company in London.

"Professional and Reliable. I highly recommend UK Close Protection Services Ltd if you are looking for a experienced, well trained and reliable Security."

"Highly professional, and lovely guys! UK Close Protection Services Ltd provided a brilliant service, friendly and completely reliable they made me feel comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend their services and will definitely promote and use them again."

"Professional and highly dedicated bodyguards. Their service is of high quality and surely I will recommend UK Close Protection Services for any party or event."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of a Bodyguard?
One of the most common questions is the cost of hiring a bodyguard or close protection officer.  The rates will vary depending on if you require our service just during the day or for a 24/7 period. We usually charge an hourly rate plus a charge for any vehicle usage.

Suppose you require a support team as well will, of course, impact on the pricing. Our officers who have higher skills, such as ‘defensive driving,’ will cost more.

For more info about how much does a bodyguard cost in the UK? Please  visit company blog.
What is Close Protection Driving?
Usually called defensive driving, this is all about avoiding certain potentially dangerous situations. Such an example is to keep the vehicle moving at all times, and even it is slowly moving forward. Making sure there is always room to turn the vehicle around and never drive in the middle lane on a motorway due to the danger of being boxed in.

Where security has to be extra tight, we can also provide a ‘Personal Escort’ where we use another support vehicle who would adopt a dominant lane position. AN example might be at a roundabout where the support vehicle takes the outside lane to stop vehicles coming alongside.
What is an SIA licence?
To be able to work as a Close Protection Officer, you need to obtain an SIA licence. The training for this licence covers a whole range of topics, including threat assessment, operational planning, reconnaissance, and advanced driving techniques. 

Close combat skills are also taught alongside a first aid course.

All our Close Protection team is fully SIA qualified.
Do your Bodyguards carry Weapons?
In the UK, weapons are not allowed to be carried. However, in other countries where weapons are legal, and we are authorised to do so we they will carry weapons. All our bodyguards have been trained in the use of sidearms and other weapon systems appropriate for their training.
What is the Minimum Term of Hire?
You can hire a bodyguard or close protection officer for as little as a few hours a day if you wish. Or you can hire one indefinitely if that is your requirement. We are very flexible on the length of time of a hire.

Contact Us To Book our Bodyguard Services in London, or any part of UK or EU.

If you are interested in hiring our bodyguard services in London, we can provide a FREE risk assessment quote before you book. Please note, you can book via phone, email and WhatsApp.