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UK Close Protection Services is a next generation security company based in London.

We provide a range of security services to officials, business executives, high profile guests and celebrities. 

You may feel threatened, or have been threatened either verbally, physically or through written threats. If so, we can give you the comfort and peace of mind in knowing that you’re in safe hands. We’ve got the experience to deploy close protection services at short notice or for longer term details. 

We offer a variety of close protection services to meet your individual requirements:

A bodyguard is probably the most commonly known role within the close protection services sector. And our bodyguard services in London offer the highest level of one-to-one protection. 

Crime in London is rising five times faster than the rest of England, so it’s more important than ever to ensure your safety through hiring personal protection with us.

Our elite team is trained in anti-surveillance techniques and identifying unnatural behaviour. We’re skilled at situational awareness; that is, having a sharp eye and being constantly aware of everything that’s happening around you – the Principal.

It’s these qualities that allow us to proactively prevent assaults before they happen, so you can have confidence in us.
In some circumstances we tactically use muscular, physically strong bodyguards to demonstrate a clear message to potential offenders. There are instances where the physical presence of a powerful bodyguard is exactly what a Principal needs – for peace of mind. 

Other times, it’s appropriate for the bodyguard to fit in with the situation they’re in. For example, if you like to play tennis or go running for an hour every morning, a large bodyguard may not be so suitable. In these circumstances, a more appropriate body
guard would have a fit physique and wear sports or casual clothing to be able to maintain a close distance to you and to be able to respond rapidly to changing and potentially threatening situations. 

Whatever fits your circumstances, at UK Close Protection Services, we offer a bespoke service so that we can meet your needs.

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"I am astonished by the capabilities and the 
credentials of my hired personal protection (…)  
I felt safer than ever while being accompanied 
by your bodyguards!"
You can be confident that you’re in safe hands with us. We’re among the best within the private security industry offering outstanding private security services in London. 

We’ll tailor our service to your needs, whether that be a single close protection officer or a multi-tiered security detail, offering Security Advance Parties, a Personal Escort Section and close protection services to ensure a comprehensive level of security. 
We also regularly work with Residential Security Teams at public venues that the Principal will be visiting.

Our personnel are highly-skilled professionals and our work contributes to delivering the SIA’s (Security Industry Authority) key objectives of:
  • Protecting the public
  • Helping people feel secure
  • Reducing violence
code of conduct

Client oriented approach

All our personnel are SIA licensed and follow the profession’s code of conduct.

We take a preventative approach, not just a reactive approach. We’ll always scope out a venue before a Principal makes an appearance there - even if we’ve been there before. We won’t let our guard down, even if we know the venue well.

Planning is at the forefront of our approach, so you can have peace of mind that we’re on top of any given situation. It’s what gives us the confidence to say that we offer one of the best services in London. A fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed from our customers:
"Our company would like to thank the representatives of this bodyguard team for planning, coordinating and successfully accomplishing the
protection-oriented undertakings they were entrusted."
Our female personnel enable us to offer close protection in circumstances where male officers would be restricted, for example, entering public toilets and changing rooms.

All our personnel - male and female - are highly trained in martial arts combat. Our officers understand that they are the final ring of defence for our Principal. We understand our ultimate responsibility to shield you from danger - even if this puts us at risk.
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our expertise

Are you worried about who might be watching you?

As leaders in the field, we specialise in close protection in London. But what is a close protection officer and how is one different from a bodyguard?

A close protection officer will offer on-to-one protection for the Principal, just like a bodyguard. However, our close protection officers will be less identifiable, more discreet than a bodyguard. In fact, some argue that the best protection officer is the one that no one notices. They use their low profile to maintain the upper hand in any given situation. 

They still provide the essential protective layer around you, ensuring you’re covered with the highest degree of security but, due to their low profile, you can go about your day without disruption.

Being constantly aware of your surroundings makes you less likely to be taken by surprise. It’s an essential skill of a close protection officer, and something that all our personnel possess.

Our close protection personnel offer complete discretion. And it’s not just about dealing with your physical safety. At UK Close Protection Services, we know how to handle the paparazzi, to ensure that personal situations are not public knowledge within half an hour. For this reason, pseudonyms are commonly used.

And don’t forget; our bespoke service means that we’ll tailor our service to your circumstances, meaning that our personal escort section might be the best approach to ensuring your safety.

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Residential security

Do you have full confidence your family is properly protected?

Residential security in London is more important now than ever before. Your home is your castle, as the saying goes. But it’s not just your home that we protect. Your family and your belongings are precious, and their safety is our number one priority. 

Home burglaries can be terrifying. And your personal or professional circumstances may mean that you’re at a higher risk of becoming a target. The latest statistics show that 60% of burglaries happen in the evenings or at night time – when you are at home. 

Our professionals providing residential security in London will undertake a comprehensive survey of your property to identify weaknesses in your existing security. We can anticipate likely sources of threat, such as trespassers or suspicious packages, and implement a variety of security measures to keep you, your family and your home safe such as:
  • Installing new security systems
  • Providing manned guarding 24 hours a day
  • Acting as a first point of contact with visitors to the property
  • Reviewing deliveries to the property
Our personnel come from either a military or police background, meaning they’re highly experienced in handling a wide variety of threats. They are SIA licensed, have undergone combat training and are highly skilled in handling weapons. Their training background means they have an insight into the criminal world and can quickly identify potential dangers or threats – and most importantly, respond to them effectively.

Our next-gen service using the latest security technology offers peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are secure, and that your possessions are safe.
Protect your Home
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We guarantee complete satisfaction.

We want to make sure that what’s yours remains yours.

As the British Security Industry Association highlights, tough times and economic hardship bring out the best but, sadly, also the worst in people. Asset and high value goods protection is more important now than ever before.

We understand the importance that personal items hold to individuals, and we’re fighting back against money launderers. As crime levels increase, your valuable goods and property are becoming more vulnerable as criminals become increasingly desperate in these hard times.
Book High Value Goods Protection
Let us protect your:
  • Jewellery and diamonds
  • Heirlooms
  • Race horses
  • Fine art
  • Car collections
  • Other high-value items
Our services not only include protecting these items through securing your property, but also overseeing the transportation of these items.

We use the latest security technology to mitigate potential risk when transporting goods. The quickest – and the most discreet way to move your high value assets is by Hand Carry. If that’s not suitable, we can move items by armoured vehicle. Whichever option is right for you, we’ll plan a thorough security detail that meets your exact requirements.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to use decoy vehicles, which add an additional layer of security, particularly if there are concerns that information has been leaked or the operation has been compromised.

Now, more than ever, is the time to ensure that your assets and high value goods are protected properly.

If you knew you could take steps to remove your child from danger, you would, wouldn’t you?

The National Crime Agency’s Anti Kidnap and Extortion Unit (AKEU) supports the UK Government covertly to secure the safe release of hostages. But better still would be to stop kidnappings happening in the first place. Kidnap and extortion can have lifelong consequences for victims and their families.
Protect your Child
As one of the world’s truly global cities, London attracts not only wealth and opportunity, but also those wishing to capitalise on it. Child abductions and other extortive kidnappings are sadly all too often occurrences in London because profit-driven criminals target high-value or well-connected individuals that are more likely to be able to pay a ransom for their release.

Your personal or professional circumstances may mean that you and your family are vulnerable and are at a higher risk of being affected by attempts of kidnapping, hostage-taking or extortion. 

We offer the opportunity for families to proactively protect their loved ones. As experts in child abduction prevention in London we’re the right people to protect your family, and in doing so, remove endless worries about their safety. 

This sort of crime is usually meticulously prepared by the perpetrators. Offenders collect personal data on their victims to understand routines and movements, identifying their security detail. However, our experience with child abduction prevention means we understand how criminals plan such activities. So, we’re even better prepared to reduce risks and prevent attacks.

Our vigilant approach makes it hard for offevnders to obtain the information they would need in order to successfully carry out an attack. This includes, for example, changing the daily routine so that the route to school is different each day. 

Our personnel are trained to be able to adapt their close protection services to provide reassurance to your family whilst always ensuring the safety and security of your child.
"We all know that car escorts can be burdensome… but I do not regret my decision to hire UK Close Protection Services. The car escort was executed in a superb fashion. I know who to involve to help next time."
Violent crimes such as ambushes and kidnappings are most likely to occur while the target is travelling in a vehicle on a regular journey, for example between home and their school or place of work.

We operate professional and high quality security driver services in London to get you safely to your destination. Our personnel are outstanding drivers with advanced knowledge of London, and are capable of performing even the most demanding manoeuvres under high pressure situations.

You can sit back and relax knowing that all our security drivers are SIA close protection licensed.

Not only that, but our drivers ar e highly knowledgeable about the specifications and characteristics of their vehicle so they know how to handle different weather conditions, road surfaces and hazards, as these are all details that offenders will have studied in preparation for an ambush. Beyond this, we typically recommend additional security modifications such as introducing bullet-proof elements and window tinting.

Our security drivers are not only in control of the physical specifications of the vehicle itself, but also meticulously planning the route to take, which vehicle to use, and what time of day to travel. Not only that but, given London is a higher focus for terrorist and other violent attacks, they’re always aware of any breaking news that may have implications on security situations in London.

Our drivers are discreet, for example using code words with our clients, to ensure that they can have confidence they are being picked up by the right person at the appointed time.

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