Best Bodyguard company in London

Best Bodyguard company in London

Our Mission

We genuinely believe it is our mission to provide our clients with an outstanding close protection service that wholly reflects our clients’ individual requirements and to ensure that their safety and liberty are consistently upheld, without unnecessary restriction, hesitation, or any delay.

Why Might You Want a Bodyguard?

The safety of yourself, your family, and your property and assets are the most essential things in your life, and so you obviously want to protect them. And having a bodyguard isn’t just about someone mean and moody in dark sunglasses standing behind or beside you waiting for something awful to happen.

There are many wealthy, famous and important people whose lives also come with immense dangers – so, regardless of whether you are a billionaire, a business executive, a member of the royal family, or a celebrity, having someone ‘watching your back’ gives a great sense of relief and constant security.

What may be normal living for the average Joe Bloggs is usually impossible for those people who need bodyguarding services as their lives tend to be extremely chaotic and busy – they tend to have unique lifestyles, and there is a vast difference to what normality is for them…

With the increasing rates of crime and violence, people in the spotlight then, whatever the reason, are regarding bodyguarding services as essential to their everyday existence.

There are, therefore, considerable advantages in having a bodyguard. But, it’s not just the rich and famous who hire the services of bodyguards – there is a rising number of people who engage in private security services for when they are out and about in the city. Because of the increase in crime rates and violence, many more people are turning to our bodyguarding services in London.

Having a bodyguard is just part of a complete system of organising, observing, procedures, and managing. Our team of experienced bodyguards will go to great lengths to keep you safe at all times.

They will create a safe and secure environment around you and everything you want to protect. The largest part of the security task is prevention because we don’t want to give potential attackers any opportunity at all to harm you.

A bodyguard will accompany you and your family wherever your lives take you and whenever they are required. There are always restrictions on the use of force. Still, a UK Close Protection Services’ bodyguard will primarily identify risks before they become a direct threat, which allows for avoidance of actual conflict without the need for physical intervention.

Having said that, every bodyguard is capable and willing to use defensive techniques to ensure the safety of their charges! And another huge advantage of having a bodyguard is that other than just protecting you from danger, and our bodyguards can also handle a number of essential tasks, such as driving and running particular errands.

Basically, our bodyguards are incredibly versatile so, if you hire a London bodyguards, the chances are you will get much more than personal and home protection.

Apart from offering helpful security-related tips, our bodyguards in London can provide advice, ideas, and relevant suggestions on other issues because once they start working for you, they begin to know a lot about your private life. So, a bodyguard is not just a protector.

They can be a confidant, an adviser, and a caring companion. But we also understand that a body guard must be able to alter their operational stance to allow you to live life without having an overbearing presence on your shoulder.

Suppose you are concerned about going to a particular place or to getting closer to a specific object. In that case, you can ask your bodyguard to assess the place or object for safety and security before you risk and expose yourself.

Our bodyguards in London know the city of London incredibly well and are supremely confident about what signs to watch out for that could indicate impending danger. They know how to curtail a looming danger to your life or those around you when they detect one. Hiring a bodyguard is just great common sense…

Top 7 Reasons People Hire A Bodyguard…

You might be involved in a contentious divorce, and you are genuinely worried about your own safety and that of your children. There are more and more stories of estranged ex-partners committing acts of violence.

You are an international traveller and having to visit known trouble spots. Hiring a well-trained bodyguard can give you added protection and peace of mind. You might be a well-known politician or community leader.

You don’t always have to be a well known celebrity to attract attention from others. In your position, you might have to make unpopular decisions that cause hardship to others who then become disgruntled. Hiring a bodyguard can give you protection to and from your place of work.

You might have to transport valuables such as large amounts of cash, articles, or antiques. The services of a bodyguard might mean that you can deliver your cargo safely and without interruption. Social media threats are on the rise.

You might find you are getting unwanted attention because of something you have said or done on social media. You can receive quite nasty threats online that makes you feel vulnerable. Personal security can help you get peace of mind in this situation.

Workplace threats and violence are on the rise, particularly from disgruntled employees who may have been made redundant or sacked. You might have internal security staff, but having a personal security presence can give you that added layer of safety. If you are a highly paid executive, you could be vulnerable to possible kidnap or threats from employees.

This may also apply if you are the CEO of a company in sectors that create movements against your industry, such as animal rights or cosmetics, etc. Having a bodyguard can protect you from possible harm and potentially dangerous situations.

Close Protection In The UK?

In the UK, close protection is given the professional term of bodyguarding and covers all facets of personal security outside licensed settings. UK Close Protection Services - the best bodyguarding company in London has established that a number of businesses and individuals require the services of day-to-day high-end security for a number of different reasons.

As by establishing the right security package allows you to stay safe while conducting your business in a wide range of diverse environments.

Because close protection is an extremely specialised area and, as such, demands the expertise of those with highly skilled experience and knowledge of the field of security, you need to ensure your security team is up to the task.

The security work tends to involve the protection of people or groups who are high-profile, and who come with their own individual set of challenges and demands. This security could include close protection work for celebrities, executives, VIPs, or government officials.

Close protection, also known as bodyguards, or personal security workers, typically protects their clients from whatever background, from harassment, injury, kidnapping, or any other type of harm. Perhaps it is a politician who is on a political campaign?

Maybe a business executive who is attending an extremely important meeting? Or possibly a celebrity or VIP who is attending an awards ceremony or opening night – literally anyone who needs security and protection, a bodyguard will ensure they are safe and guarded at all times.

Bodyguards tend to be employed by government agencies, private security firms, or directly by individuals – they will protect anyone and everyone who requires it.

These highly specialised individuals are used to working in potentially dangerous and threatening situations and, as such, are highly trained to anticipate and respond to any emergency.

In the UK, bodyguards are generally not armed, and as such, they may or may not carry weapons – it depends on the circumstances for which they are deployed. If there is a high-risk factor involved in the protection, we use our advanced skill set and a lot of prior planning to ensure the safety of our clients.

Bodyguards need to be able to react and respond quickly and expertly in any tense or dangerous situation with the capability to predict, prevent, and avoid any situation which can escalate to an emergency situation.

Because of the high quality and effective close protection security facilities that we offer here at UK Close Protection Services, all of our bodyguards in London are trained for any eventuality 100% of our staff are ex-British military or ex special forces, SIA licensed and close protection officers.

Every one of our bodyguards is fully vetted and holds a current Security Industry Authority (SIA) license earning us the title of best bodyguard services in London;

- Royalty and specialist protection
- Residential security services
- Royal family protection officers
- Protective Surveillance 
- Diplomatic close protection officer 
- Counter Surveillance 
- Celebrity Close Protection Services
- Portfolio Management
- Family Security
- Child Close Protection Services
- Executive Close Protection Services
- Hotel Security
- Property Protection
- Corporate Meetings
- Shopping Trips/Gallery Openings/Launches and Exhibitions in London
- Film Premieres
- Close Protection chauffeur 
- Security drivers
- Residential Security
- 24 Hour Close Protection Services Types of Close Protection…

Type of Close Protection...

Here at UK Close Protection Services, we want to build our reputation as the best bodyguard company in London, so we have listened to you, our important clients, as to what you think makes a great body guarding company.

So, we have tailored our services around your needs and, as a result, can offer you bespoke packages that will satisfy your protection needs as well as your budget.

In a world that is becoming more and more volatile, and people becoming increasingly concerned about their personal security, close protection and hiring a bodyguard in London is more prominent than ever. Having a personal bodyguard helps ease the constant concern of theft, physical attack, kidnap, and even murder.

Every person and situation is different and therefore requires additional security measures and systems to help prevent such attacks; thus, at UK Close Protection Services, we conduct a thorough and rigorous risk assessment to provide a personal protection service that is bespoke to you, your concerns and requirements.

With our many years of expertise providing close protection and bodyguard services in London, we are able to offer a unique, first class service and to deploy our bodyguards who will fit unobtrusively into your lifestyle with minimal disruption.

So, whether you are requiring a bodyguard for a family or political event or a red carpet occasion, our widely experienced officers can discreetly work around you, safeguarding you and whoever else who may need our protection.

All of our UK Close Protection Services bodyguarding team are highly trained in conflict management, physical defence as well as being advanced first-aiders.

And we are also able to supply the services of a number of security specialists and bodyguards from around the world who can speak a number of languages. We can also provide female bodyguards for you in London if so required.

As the leading security company in London, we can supply you with anything from an individual bodyguard to a full close protection team, complete with security drivers, luxurious armoured vehicles, counter-surveillance, and mobile security patrols, if required.

Our UK Close Protection Services bodyguard work entails offering executive protection services that are specifically tailored to those working in the corporate world, and we can facilitate operations large and small throughout London.

Our most popular executive bodyguarding work includes:

- Close protection – 24/7 operations team
- Corporate espionage prevention with experienced and specialist operatives
- Meeting facilitation
- Secure transportation
- Access to state of the art resources – technology and equipment.

Our UK Close Protection Services’ high-risk executive protection services mainly include – celebrity bodyguards, counter corporate espionage, high threat situations, and media exposure.

Whereas our low-risk protection services cover – the secure facilitation of high net worth individuals, bodyguard drivers, foreign VIP visitation security as well as high-end events, venues, and corporate guarding.

Residential security

Your home is your castle, and protection of your home is paramount for the safety of your family, assets, and physical property. No one should feel vulnerable in their own home, but sadly, due to wealth, fame, or success, the increase of threat has increased. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the need for residential protection, particularly in the London area.

Over the years, UK Close Protection Services have worked with a number of clients in and around London on providing either emergency security and protection cover on a short or long-term basis to provide them with a home security solution that suited their needs.

This means our security personnel has to be up to the job to provide security services second to none to protect your home, assets, and lifestyle.

The presence of our expert residential security team in London residence, whether you are at home or further afield, combined with our vigorous preventive measures will go a long way to deter any form of attack from either criminals or any other type of attack.

We are therefore able to offer both permanent and temporary residential packages for:

- Live in/out 24-hour security – interior and exterior
- Emergency key-holding service
- Rapid response service
- CCTV monitoring
- Holiday home security
- Vacant home protection
- Driveway security and surveillance – CCTV monitoring
- Hotel room security
- Investment property protection
- London visit security

UK Close Protection Services go far beyond being just a property manned guarding service. All of our residential security officers are more than only standard security guards, as they have all previously received military or police training and are high skilled and certified close protection officers, all licensed with the SIA.

Our security teams provide the highest level of expert professionalism, discretion, and attention to detail. They can offer you a non-intrusive security service that can fit in with the rest of your household and without affecting the life of you and your family.

Protective Surveillance

Protective surveillance is a specialist clandestine process in which an individual, building, or asset is protected through security methods, which are secret, strategic, and covert. This type of protection is usually suitable for individuals who require protection but don’t want others to know; or for an individual who doesn’t wish to protection, but a concerned party employs protection covertly on their behalf.

Our bodyguarding company in London also ensures our security teams are equipped with the latest surveillance and protection gadgets, tracking devices, arms, and anything and everything else that is going to deal with any potential threats on our clients.

We will provide you with a professional security outfit – so if you require anything from a single bodyguard/driver to a complete 24/7 high risk personal escort service. So, it may sound like the stuff of James Bond movies, but there is a very real chance that your home or office, for a number of different reasons, could be being bugged…

A disgruntled ex-partner, a competitive businessperson, perhaps a journalist or activist – whatever the motivation, there are ways to prevent people from listening in to your conversations. So, if you are facing targeted security threats, let us take the stress away with our expert bodyguard security measures.

Because industrial sabotage is big business. There are a number of governments, companies, institutions, and individuals worldwide who require countermeasures as they may have discovered electronic eavesdropping equipment in their buildings and want to combat this – in other words, they are being spied on with the use of bugs… We can help.

Our bodyguards are trained to sweep rooms and offices before our clients enter to ensure total privacy and confidentiality.

Our services include:

- The in-depth on-board vetting recruitment process
- Building bespoke operation and the deployment of security operatives even at extremely short notice
- Tailoring our bodyguarding services’ approach to fit each individual clients’ needs
- Providing our team of operative assigned to you with live updates, monitoring, latest technology, and state-of-the-art equipment, vehicles as and when required
- Excellent communication with our clients at all times and being able to adopt a flexible approach as required if circumstances and environment change.

Private Security

The sad fact is that if owning and running a business isn’t stressful enough the current marketplace requires that successful companies have a quick response to any threat of possible criminal activity. It’s another fact that businesses cannot rely solely on the police force to ensure that their companies are safe and secure from overt criminal activity.

Police cannot enter private property or watch over personal property, so this leaves a serious gap in your business’ security.

By having continuous and systematic preparations in readiness as well as prevention techniques before any such attacks occur can save companies literally thousands of pounds.

Our private security officers are highly trained security personnel, and unlike government-employed police forces, which are governed by national politics, the government, and the law, our private security officers are contracted to protect your company’s personnel and property.

UK Close Protection Services provide security guards in London for a number of businesses and companies, including retailers, designer boutiques, and high-end stores across the major shopping precincts in London.

Our security guards have excellent customer service skills, are extremely helpful, and provide overall security awareness as they are trained in fraud awareness and money laundering as well as essential security skills.

As such, they can offer your company or business a safe environment for your customers as well as staff.

Expert Security Drivers

UK Close Protection Services offer security chauffeur of the highest calibre to meet all your driving requirements as they form an important part of our close protection team. All our drivers are in high demand as they are superb security drivers with top-notch driving qualifications, skills, and experience.

Their role is to transport you safely to your destination in London – they have the best local knowledge of how to deliver you there in the quickest and most secure way possible. Our security vehicles include a wide range of luxury and armoured limousines with executive and VIP chauffeur services in London.

Asset Protection

As risk and security threats develop in this continually changing business and global climate, some business and organisations’ assets, infrastructure, and personnel become susceptible to specific vulnerabilities.

We offer a range of asset protection methods to ensure your personnel and business interests are secured against certain risk factors with the use of our surveillance and close protection teams.

With the ever increasing threat of robbery, theft, and kidnapping, many organisations and businesses have adopted risk reduction strategies, including escorts / bodyguards, to protect their staff and ensure supply chains are not disrupted during operations.

Our close protection officer will escort your vehicle to its destination, then ensure all of the vehicles’ security tags / seals and contents are then secure, take photographic evidence, and report back to headquarters/control once the handover has been completed successfully.

All of our services are operated with the upmost discretion, so you can go about your daily live safe in the knowledge that your assets are being protected by us.

So, if you are in need of asset protection, we can offer you protection with:

- Risk assessment
- Contingency planning
- Physical protection during transportation
- Transaction security
- Security systems
- Motion sensors
- Secure casing
- Surveillance
- Employee background checks
- Secure off-site storage

Our Team

UK Close Protection Services pride ourselves on distinctive capabilities, proven expertise, and excellent communication. We understand the complex concerns of individuals and agencies who require bodyguards in London.

Through an extensively rigorous selection process, we hire only the best ex-military close protection experts so that you will receive only the very best in of types of bodyguarding.

Our biggest asset is our personal security team, and therefore we take this extremely seriously. With their backgrounds in SO1 Specialist Protection, SO14 Royalty protection, the UK Special Forces (SAS and SBS) as well as the Royal Military Police Close Protection Units (RMP CPU), you can feel rest assured we know what we’re doing…

You know that the British military is a finely disciplined service whose training is rigorous and polished, whichever the regiment.

Most of UK Close Protection Services’ teams have roughly ten years’ experience at least, and that they have all been trained in some form of close protection.

Force protection skills are developed by most military and police regiments to prevent hostile action at ground level – all of our bodyguards have operational experience at instructor and leadership levels.

All of our bodyguards are trained in:

- Domestic and international executive protection
- Executive security consulting
- Risk assessments
- Multilingual armed guards and international protection
- Estate and celebrity VIP protection
- Professional security drivers and armed chauffeurs
- Special mission armed security teams
- Surveillance detection and planning

We take the vetting of our close protection teams exceptionally seriously – we don’t take any risks with any of our recruitment processes. UK Close Protection Services, London has an in house capacity to carry out thorough background checks on all of our personnel that will ensure that you, as our client is in absolutely no doubt as to the qualifications and integrity of the person, you will engage and work with.

The skills required to perform such data mining investigations are not easily found, but our highly-qualified and skilled investigators have been trained by the Metropolitan Police, UK Special Forces, and other elite military services, and therefore, they have vast experience in developing intelligence on all criminals.

There are, consequently, full employment, residential, criminal, and service record checks. All of our bodyguard teams are licensed and registered with the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and are fully vetted in compliance with BS7858 standards.

We are also keen to select bodyguards based on their people skills and emotional intelligence – we believe our bodyguards need to be emphatic to the security concerns of their employer while being able to balance that with an unrestricted, fast-paced lifestyle.

UK Close Protection Services’ bodyguards are all trained in conflict management, physical defence as well as advanced first aid giving you peace of mind. Selecting the right personnel for their people skills, their attitude as well as their personality, in addition to their military experience, ensures that the right individual is allocated to every project and that they fit in with our client’s specific requirements.

Therefore, we can offer you anything from a one off bodyguard in London to a full close protection team, a security driver to mobile security patrols, if necessary. We tend to draw on our experience of knowing London thoroughly and focusing on what we do best – offering superb security services to you in all its different facets.

Therefore we can use our unparalleled industry knowledge alongside the highest levels of professionalism and security standards to provide you with an unrivalled first-class security service in London.

Why I Might Need A Bodyguard and What Is It Like Having One?

Suppose you are the CEO of a large company, a celebrity or sports star, or have considerable personal wealth. In that case, you might consider the services of a bodyguard company such as ours. If you are feeling under threat or intimidated by crowds and public attention, having a well-trained body guard at your side can give you comfort and peace of mind.

Having a bodyguard will provide a physical barrier against any unwanted attention and will ward off anyone who is considering doing some harm. The traditional view of a bodyguard is that it is predominantly braun and muscle and little else – nothing can be further from the truth.

There is so much more to the profession, and a lot of people misunderstand about what it actually takes to protect another human being. Let us consider some of the myths and misconceptions and what is it that really makes a close protection business like our professional and trustworthy.

One of the most common myths is that although frame size can sometimes be an advantage, it is not the panacea of an excellent close protection bodyguard.

It may be handy if we you have to try and control a screaming crowd of onlookers hungry for a glimpse of their idol, but not all close professionals need to be built like a house! At the end of the day, it comes down to what the client wants.

Many clients want their close protection team to be discreet and not stand out like a group of WWF wrestlers. There is a need for regular looking personnel to blend into the normal population and look non threatening.

The Use Of Weapons

In the UK, our trained bodyguards are not permitted to carry weapons, unlike in the USA. In fact, the need for weapons to protect is counter-intuitive as if you are in harm's way, our natural position is to cover you and protect you and get you out of harm's way as soon as we can. Our goal is not to rely on the force of any kind unless we have to, and this is usually the last resort.

Employer Protection

Increasingly we are being asked to protect senior leaders in companies who fear retribution from disgruntled employees. It Is sometimes necessary to have a discreet presence of one of our close protection operatives when carrying out terminations.

There have been many instances of employees returning to the workplace to recriminate with the person doing the firing – this added security can dissuade that from occurring.

Celebrity Myth

Because bodyguards are seen in close proximity to celebrities, many people think the lifestyle of a bodyguard must be a glamourous one. There is a general misconception that the bodyguard enjoys the same lifestyle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A bodyguard may live in the client's grand house with its pool and games room, but they are not enjoying those amenities. They are there to serve and protect, so they are on constant alert and patrol to ensure the safety of the client.

Client Efficiency

One of the jobs of a bodyguard is to ensure any travel plans are well scoped out and planned in advance. They provide that they know how and where to enter and exit a building without having to deal with security staff or find directions.

This makes life so much easier for the client. They can speed the client through and into buildings and meetings – they know where the bathrooms are and other amenities are beforehand, giving the client more time meaning they can get more done.

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