Looking to hire a bodyguard in London?

Looking to hire a bodyguard in London?

UK Close Protection Services - Your end to end security services solution provider

UK Close Protection Services is an established provider of close protection services in and around the major cities of the UK. Be it any kind of security challenge, we offer you a one-stop security services solution in London. We have a league of extraordinary professionals who are trained to be the best.

Coming with enough exposure and sound technological know-how, they are also equipped with all kinds of latest security assets that can offer you foolproof protection from any kind of threat.

We don’t believe in second chances or coincidences. And we know that you don’t either.

With an elite network of professional security specialists, we are highly experienced in handling varied environments from high-risk markets to corporate offices and residential areas.

Alertness with a keen eye to detail, use of surveillance and counter-surveillance measures, multi-tasking, physical prowess, marksmanship, training, and the availability of niche technology and weaponry are some of the unique value additions that keep us a cut above the many commonplace security companies out there.

Our eminent clientele, which we have acquired through our vast knowledge and experience gained over the years, has led to the formation of a diverse, dynamic, and professional company that is committed to offering you high-quality services.

Be it discreetness or reliability, we understand your needs and we will get you exactly what you need. We are steadfast on one common goal and that is to keep you safe from harm, no matter where and when.

Our diverse portfolio of services is adaptable to varied situations and environments with an assured guarantee of minimum hassles for you.
Our service areas include:

• Private security service & private bodyguards for VIPs & celebrities
• Skilled close protection bodyguards
• Home / residential security services
• High-value asset and high-value goods protection
• Family & child protection
• Security chauffeur services

We have a team of experienced protection personnel who come from military, state, and federal law enforcement backgrounds. Extensively trained from accredited schools and carrying a lot of experience, our elite team is qualified and equipped to keep you protected against any kind of potential risks or threats.

Would you compromise on quality when it comes to safety? Remember, there is no second chance here. Only the best is good enough in such a situation.

Please reach out to us to avail of our Protection Bodyguard Services in and around the UK.

We assure you of the best quality, round the clock customer service. Be assured that all your questions, queries, and quotes will be treated with the strictest confidence. No one understands you better than we do.

Best bodyguards in London

We provide worldwide bodyguard services to VIP and top-level business executives. Our team with these resilient protection specialists have prevented harm and provided comforting safety to many of our clients.

We make use of the latest, cutting edge technologies and equipment to offer holistic VIP security and protective services like firearms, communication devices like mobile phones, radiotelephones, flashlight, etc. Auxiliary equipment may be chosen as per the environment like handheld battle gas in a can, electric Tasers, multifunctional batons, etc.

Our team with these skilled personnel makes informed decisions about security risks that are directly or indirectly under their control as part of their responsibilities. We identify those threats present and make recommendations where to avoid, reduce and ‘accept’ risks, as well as how to diminish the impact of threatening events with minimum intrusion into the client’s agenda.

If you desire the absolute best and believe in a bespoke team at the top of their game, do feel free to contact us.

Private Security in London

A security firm makes its clients feel that they are in safe hands. If there’s a sense of safety all around, the employee productivity automatically increases. Our Private security services cover personal bodyguard protection, uniformed or unmarked security, patrols, or even undercover security. They will first consult with you with the needs of your company’s safety and will set up an appropriate force tailored perfectly to your needs. Whether it be for schools or businesses, security cameras and access gatehouses will ensure maximum security.

For all kinds of private security solutions that are well-tailored to suit your needs, please contact us.

Close Protection in London

We understand that important dignitaries, VIPs, business executives, or groups face increasingly complex security concerns and are in dire need of a bespoke security service. All our close protection officers are former members of law enforcement groups or military. With no exceptions, every single one of them meets the SIA (Security Industry Authority) criteria.

Their areas of specialization include travel management, logistics management, crisis management, emergency coordination, risk assessment – and perhaps most importantly, discretion. Three of our major focus, yet widely ignored areas when it comes to close protection are:

Specific threats - Specific threats to the principal and his/her family from “persons of interest” need to be perceived and analyzed to keep the principals safe now and in the future. Using proactive intelligence to identify both probable and possible threats from person and groups of interest has been a major analysis point.

Traffic – Secure transportation is an undeniable component of close protection.

Prominence – The more well known the principal is, the more likely they are to be a target for security threats.

Close Protection services London are tailored to suit your requirements as per the situation and environment to provide the best level of protection for you.

Residential Security in London

Residential security helps you to safeguard your property and your people from unwanted threats or invasions. This form of security makes use of a combination of technology and manpower.

We understand the sensitive nature of working with a family and at the same time respecting privacy and minimum intrusion to one’s daily lifestyle. We have identified the key areas to this tasking – implementation of expert planning, vigilance, and the conduct of high-level security measures.

Our Family Security officers are personable, discreet and professionals trained to customize the protection plan as per the needs and concerns of the family members. Our residential security services are based on the understanding of two contexts:

1. The threats, risks, and vulnerabilities facing the family or individual and properties to be protected.

2. The family’s or individual’s lifestyle and preferences, how they use their homes, and how they would like to interact with the technological, manpower, and procedural aspects of the protective program.

Once we understand these two contexts, we then customize the solution to deliver an effective and sustainable service based on the client’s security needs and preferences.

For foolproof residential security solutions in London, feel free to reach out to us.

Asset and High-Value Goods Protection

Asset and high-value goods refer to any elements that are critical for the function of a business process or industry or personal welfare. Some of the examples of physical assets are works of art, physical property, high-value goods, and commodities. High-value goods are essentially vulnerable during transit.

If you are transporting a work of art or a treasured commodity, it can be tough to control the spread of this information. Also, you will have less or no idea of whom the information has passed on to.

Route planning and risk analysis tools determine that shipments are provided with the necessary security. Our staff members come with a deep understanding of security logistics. They are well-experienced in handling these situations.

Moreover, all of them are trained to analyze every single aspect of the transit that can go wrong and prepare for any kind of contingency. They are also skilled in evaluating and bringing out solid mitigation plans for unexpected vulnerabilities like leakage of information or unpredictable turn of events.

They can immediately evaluate the situation and generate a quick plan to handle the situation. Our team is trained as the best and prepared to handle the worst. Rest assured, we guarantee that your assets take the safest routes and are in safe hands during the transit.

For your peace of mind and the safety of your high-end assets in London, we are there at your service.

Child abduction  prevention in London

We know that your child is your most valuable asset.

We understand the immense amount of trust that you are putting in with us here. It is quite common among celebrities and politicians today to hire personal security services for their children. You will need child protection services if you are going through a child custody case or any such situation wherein you are worried about the safety of your children.

Protecting your children at home, at school, or anywhere else, helping them to keep themselves safe against threats including paparazzi, kidnappers, and shooters, general accidents and safety concerns are the main contexts that come within the child protection category.

If the child is accompanied by a caretaker or nanny, we make sure they undergo training to be responsive to such risky situations.

We employ both male and female close protection officers depending on the preferences of the client and as per the demands of the situation. Our security personnel is quite amiable and great with children.

At the same time, they are efficient to take care of the meals, diapers, any kind of child tantrums, or even entertainment needs along with security. Our personnel makes sure to blend in with the child’s environment both for physical appearances and behavior.

Because we know your child deserves the best.

We are simply the best when it comes to child protection services in London.

Security Chauffeur / Security Driver in London

Our driver security services are for:

• Corporate Clients • VIP's
• High Net Worth Individuals
• Members of the Entertainment Industry

Here we offer you a blend of high-quality security services coupled with outstanding chauffeuring skills. Opting for this service, you may happily leave both to us. We provide you with a one-stop solution that is efficient, discreet, and cost-effective.

Our chauffeur / security driver services in London, offer a complete solution to your security and transportation requirements while offering premium customer service at a very affordable rate.

Why wait then, reach out to us now.