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Personal protection is a highly multilayered and comprehensive branch of industry that may be easily subdivided into a number of sections.

One may, among others, distinguish: residential security team, transportation related services such as close protection chauffeur, as well as asset and high value protection.
The latter is going to be the major subject of this publication. Initially, it is worth providing a brief definition of the said service. The undertakings performed within its scope are predominantly oriented towards the protection of high-value possessions and assets of the client from being stolen, damaged, counterfeited, or used against his or her will.

Security guards accepting asset protection order must be properly trained and equipped to fulfill their task in an appropriate and satisfactory manner. For example, they must be capable of delivering either constant or periodical physical safety oriented security services.

The aforementioned set of activities does not only include regular monitoring of the assets and ensuring that they have not been accessed by any unwanted individuals, but also – the immediate availability and the ability to transfer, receive, and decode pieces of information concerning the secured goods, their condition, and the status of other surveillance, intelligence, monitoring, or detection devices installed on site.

Furthermore, bodyguards must be properly skilled in exercising supervision over the area of interest from the level of their hub, headquarters, or any other outside building or vehicle preventing them from being detected. It must be mentioned at this point that the latter is considered by the experts to be even more important than physical protection, mainly due to the fact that it allows for gathering more data on the offender.

They may be afterwards used to, for example, track down him or the organization he has been working for, as well as to be able to present additional pieces of evidence in court against such a wrongdoer.
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Monitoring, alarming and surveillance systems

Monitoring, alarming and surveillance systems.

The personal protection expert dealing with asset and wealth securing-oriented services must also be in possession of skills making it possible for him to install, maintain, and (shall the need arise) repair monitoring devices. Alarm systems also fall into the category in question, as they ought to be regularly checked in order to ensure their maximal and satisfactory performance.

Only then can the security guards be sure that the protected commodities or items are safe, even if he is not around to check their condition. Monitoring and alarming systems become gradually more widespread in the work of personal protection companies. Their technological advancement facilitates employees of such firms taking notes of all the individuals entering and leaving a given building or area, recording their discussions, identifying their faces, and even tracking them down.

Therefore, a bodyguard should be additionally trained in handling such systems, using them for his own advantage, as well as in repairing their at least basic components. The said knowledge is of exceptional significance in the case of mansions and large areas, where the physical presence of security guards may not be enough.

All the elements of surveillance and monitoring system must be regularly checked and their condition must be reported to the company supplying them. In the case of any failure spotted, such an enterprise has to be immediately informed about the said fact in order to advise bodyguards what to do to minimize the possible threat, eliminate the identified malfunction, as well as to take up any countermeasures possible.

Transportation-oriented protection.

Some clients and personal protection professionals tend to forget that asset and high value goods protection is not only about securing a house or a safe in which valuable items are stored. On some occasions, there may also be the necessity to perform a transportation-oriented undertakings aiming at the transfer of money, works of art, advanced technological devices, or jewelry from one place to another. Well-recognized and highly appreciated protection-oriented companies are prepared for such orders.

They are equipped with car fleets incorporating bulletproof vehicles with customized compartments and storage areas, enabling quick and smooth goods transportation to the destination. It must be highlighted, though that such activities should not, by any means be performed by a single bodyguard serving as a driver and asset protector. Professional companies are fully aware of the fact – they designate groups of two, three, or even more security guards, each of whom has different tasks and chores appointed.
The most effective and optimal is the team consisting of four experts. In the said scenario, one of them serves the role of a driver, two others are liable for keeping the transported assets safe, and the remaining individual secures the convoy.

If need be, he has to be prepared to draw a gun or engage in a melee combat to make sure that the others have the chance of escaping and/or delivering the items of interest to a prior secured place. All of the above actions are undertaken when the assets to be secured are stored in a safe and controlled manner. However, the knowledge of possible threats and skills of the bodyguards employed may not be enough. Then, valuable possessions may be stolen by unidentified wrongdoers.

The code of conduct protection experts comply with states that in the aforementioned situation, there is the need to adopt emergency operational paradigm as soon as possible. It incorporates, inter alia, the concentration of all the forces and available resources on identifying the wrongdoer and gathering extensive data about him or her.

The excellent performance of the said activities is the only warranty to capture the criminal and retrieve stolen or damaged goods. Sometimes, it may be connected with the requirement of using firearms or being involved in combat with the offender alone or with a group of organized criminals.

The safety of the assets to be protected is the top priority here and that is why bodyguards should not be afraid of securing them with their own bodies. It is worth remembering that for a professional, the successful task completion is the key and all other aspects and matters are neglected or minimized in importance till the achievement of the set goal.
Transportation-oriented protection
Additional protection devices

Additional protection devices

Of course, to minimize the risk connected with the attack while guarding valuable items or assault while trying to reclaim them, employees of personal protection oriented firms must be equipped with modern, highly reliable devices and additional protection measures, such as a bulletproof vest, a helmet, or sturdy, reinforced boots.

The abovementioned tools may, for example, be Tasers, batons, remote communication devices, and all kinds of weapons. 
Especially means of contacting other professionals cannot be neglected, as frequently an expert may be purposefully separated from the group by offenders. Then, he must be prepared to communicate with the team, via voice, video, or text messaging.

By means of the said form of contact, he can inform others about the number of wrongdoers, threat they pose, actions they have undertaken, and – the localization of the separated crewmember. After the collection of the stolen or damaged goods, their owner must be promptly notified about their condition and especially – about the extent of eventual damages.

It is the basis for creating a compensation claim that is afterwards presented to the insurance company financially securing the assets of the owner. The team must be also capable of reporting important details concerning both daily routines and the incident leading to items damaging or being stolen.

In order to do so, daily documentation must be kept and frequently updated, including the number of employees responsible for the realization of a given service, actions they have been performing to keep the assets safe, as well as the equipment they have been using to do so. Summing up, asset and valuable items protection is a challenging and complex service that should be performed only by professionals knowledgeable in the said respect.

Amateurs and unskilled workers may do more harm than good, deteriorating the quality of the looked after items, unwillingly alarming other guards or possible offenders, as well as performing their basic tasks improperly. It goes without saying that a satisfactory performance of the activity in question is costly, mainly because it requires tedious planning, preparation, equipment checking, and task appointing.

Only then can a company safely state that its representatives are ready to secure and care about works of arts, money, jewels, and other possessions the client has. The complete compliance with the code of conduct is, however, the most important issue without which proper service provision becomes virtually impossible.