How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost in the UK?

How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost in the UK?

Factors to Look At When Hiring Body Guards in the UK

● Client’s Profile

Let’s face it, no two clients are the same and they need security for different reasons. The cost of a bodyguard depends on the profile of the client including the media exposure, involvement in sensitive work or their wealth.

Many billionaires have fear of kidnapping and they need to hire bodyguards to protect them everywhere. Celebrities, politicians, dignitaries and other high-profile clients face a higher level of threat and thus they hire bodyguards to escort them.

● Location(s) of the service

The price of a Bodyguard will differ depending upon the area where close protection will be required. Different nations present different dangers, which will be assessed at different levels.

Hence, the higher the hazard the higher the price. Then again, nature in which close protection will be given will likewise impact the price. Completing close protection in a city won't be equivalent to working in a rural domain. In an urban domain, dangers like unimportant wrongdoing or cutting will win.

Though if the chief is in a remote area, away from emergency clinics, services, for example, police stations and basic infrastructures, for example, water and food supplies will be restricted, so a medically fit Bodyguard and security driver might be vital. Also, when approached to give a statement to a specific nation, the terrorism threat and situation in the nation is another factor that may change and will affect the price.

● Armed or unarmed security

There are two types of security options you get. One is armed and the other is unarmed. Armed security will be required by political leaders of the concerned country.

This kind of protection would need fire arm-trained operatives that are licensed by a local government body that handle regulating armed security services.

However, this can double the costs of the usual close protection because it involves paperwork and service for the security provider.

● Service Duration

Another deciding factor for the cost is the service duration. Like how long do you want bodyguard services? The ad-hoc cost can be more expensive compared to a long term service. This is because there are a lot of elements involved in it. Bodyguards will be paid more compared to they are being paid in fixed-term job contracts.

● Expenses

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind that there are some additional expenses associated with employing a bodyguard in the UK. It includes expenses of flights, taxis, food, hotels etc. It depends on your requirements.

On the other hand, with close protection, it is normal that your expenses exceed the actual cost of the daily rate. Therefore, it is wise to discuss expenses before making an agreement.

● Bodyguard Caliber

Bodyguards who are experienced and got special training are appointed for a selective clientage. Special forces, former intelligence and multilingual bodyguards are selected and that is the reason, they are more expensive than experienced bodyguards.

On average, the cost of bodyguard in the UK is between £25-£50 an hour depending on location, risk, type and length of protection. Get in touch for free quote.

● Top-Level Security Detail

These first-class bodyguards are normally saved for sovereignty, VIPs, lawmakers, top finance managers, media barons, and so on. Generally, these tip top agents are ex-Secret Service agents and experience thorough training and furthermore go to supplemental classes routinely. The degree of protection that you will expect should be tailored to the degree of danger included.

This may demand an armed bodyguard which will clearly cost more than unarmed protection yet please note that it is illegal to convey firearms in the UK, so you won’t have the option to recruit an armed bodyguard in London. along these lines, it is mandatory to perform a thorough past evaluation of the degree of danger and hazard included which will decide the sort of protection that is truly required and those will be the determinant components to fix an adequate close-protection rate.

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