How to become a Bodyguard?

How to become a Bodyguard?

Who is a Bodyguard?

A bodyguard, as we all know, is a security officer or a personal security guy who is specially trained to protect the high profile individuals such as celebrities, corporate executives, politicians, sportsmen, etc.

Being a professional bodyguard is more than what we would see in the movies. The job requirements of a bodyguard don’t just involve having huge muscles, it requires professional training, patience and lots of organization.

By training, we don’t mean doing workout in the gym, but to train your mind also by attending training courses to receive the required skills for the job.

Of course, maintaining your physical fitness level is one of the most important parts to ensure handling the targets easily. It also involved mental attentiveness like the individuals with fast-thinking ability are better candidates to handle emergencies.

Here is How to Become a Personal Bodyguard

Training Requirements

Executive Protection Training – The executive protection training may be obtained by various academies that are dedicated to train people to become professional bodyguards in London. These academies are certified to provide courses in executive protection, legal issues, handgun training and protection tactics.

To become a personal bodyguard, it is important to be expert at mitigating or totally preventing risks. When you protect your client, it is important to play smart and provide protection by avoiding risk than by confronting it head-on.

These training courses also guide you to do proper planning like creating routes, scouting the location ahead of time, etc.

Close Protection Training – In some jurisdictions, there are specific guidelines or requirements for the bodyguards. The Executive Protection Course may be the right choice to meet the specific requirements to become the ideal choice for people looking to hire personal protection in London.

These training courses cover areas such as surveillance, risk assessment, hand-to-hand combat, negotiation, first aid, etc. some training programs also provide media liaison training to work as a celebrity bodyguard.

Qualities You Must Possess

Detailed knowledge of the profession

Although this is not something special to mention here as everyone would want to know about the profession before entering, but the fact is that many people get fantasized by profession of bodyguards by seeing them on TV.

It is very important to know if the job of a bodyguard is suitable for you. The professional bodyguards have very little time for themselves, family and friends. Most of the time, you will be in company of your client.

You must know about the appropriate clothing, stress involved with the job and a lot more. It is very important to have a positive attitude since you will work long.

Sound health and fitness level

Since we are talking about a profession that involves saving others from threats, it is very important to have a good health and maintain the required fitness level. We don’t mean that you should have a muscular body, but you should be fit by all means – mentally, physically and psychologically.

Before you make a plan to become a bodyguard, make sure to check everything about your health like vision, hearing and smell senses, heart, etc. In addition to it, you must be psychologically sound.

The reason here is that a healthy person is often seen to have a good sense of judgment and ability to make very quick decisions.

Defensive tactics

To become a bodyguard, you may also need to undergo an extensive physical and aptitude training in defensive tactics. This means, you must know everything about the weapons like handling them and also first aid skills.

This is why most agencies and people prefer military professionals as their bodyguards. However, you can always learn these skills through a bodyguard training program.

Security based skills

Even if you have some good experience in the armed forces, you would not need to use your defensive skills most of the time. The skills that you would most commonly use include effective communication and good human relation skills.

Bodyguard certification

Most higher level roles in the bodyguard and security guard industry require certification in the profession as well as experience.

The role of a bodyguard is not just to handle the miscreants who may try to manhandle with client or steal something, but it involves risk analysis and security measures evaluation skills.

All this can be achieved with a certification in the field. Apart from a degree, you may also undergo an exam covering security assessment, security systems, and security measures.


Following the growing demand in the personal protection, female  bodyguards, security professionals, the jobs are becoming more prevalent within the security field.

There has been noticed over 18 percent growth for bodyguard jobs in 2020, which means the numbers of people looking to hire bodyguard in London is increasing.
In addition, there are many private security companies that offer good packages to the security guards for hire.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, politician or a celebrity, hiring a bodyguard should be a decision that you must take wisely. It will not just help you stay secure, but also maintain a public image when you move out in the public o appear on the TV.

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