How to hire bodyguards in Dubai?

How to hire bodyguards in Dubai?

How to choose the best bodyguards for your needs?

Generally, you will want to hire a bodyguard with experience, the proper skill set, and the company should have an excellent reputation. 

Experience: an experienced bodyguard will have a better understanding of the risks involved in guarding someone. They also know how to handle different situations and know the best ways to avoid them. 

Their experience gives them a sort of sixth sense, so they know when something is not right, which enables them to jump into action before something goes wrong. 

Skills: a bodyguard's skills will depend on what they specialize in. These include combat close protection, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Understandably, you want to hire the most skilled individual(s) to protect you and your family at all times. 

Reputation: a reputable bodyguard has been vetted by the police or other law enforcement agencies. For instance, all our bodyguards in Dubai have been vetted, and they are certificate to operate. None of them have a criminal record. 

What are the different types of bodyguard services in Dubai?

Bodyguards are private security operators who provide close protection services. They help people feel safe and secure, especially during times of high stress. So, they are very similar to security guard services, which is why companies in the industry provide both types of services.

There are many different types of bodyguards, but we'll cover the basics here:

First type is called a "close protection security." These people are experts with years of experience. They can protect you and your people from various dangers, be it from the ordinary criminal or the more insidious terrorist. Close protection officers typically work with high-profile clients and their family members. Many royal family members have close protection in Dubai. 

The second type of officer is called a "Bodyguard." These officers typically protect the client's home or property. They can also be called 'Security Guards' and are often employed by small businesses and not armed. 

In Dubai, these happen to be the most common types of security guards and are well trained with the objective of keeping a home or place of business safe. Your typical security guard company will employ several dozen people posted at malls, shops, etc.  

Finally, there's the "Executive Protection Officer,” who provides security for a person within a company or organization, shielding them from danger. The Executive Protection Offer often specializes in keeping an individual safe.

They will follow the person wherever they go and keep an eye on their surroundings, making sure the coast is clear before their client exists a vehicle, office, or home. These are often ex-special forces who are now working as professional security guards.

What to look for when hiring a bodyguard company in Dubai?

When hiring a bodyguard company, the first thing you should do is make sure that they have the right qualifications. You should also make sure that they are licensed and insured. Ask for references from previous clients or employers, whom you should call to verify. 

Below are a few more things you will want to look into when hiring bodyguards in Dubai. 

#1 Do they understand your needs?

Most bodyguard companies will quickly start rattling off everything they can offer you, but before reaching out to one, make sure you know what is needed. Make sure to have a list of requirements prepared ahead of time and line them up in order of priority.

This will make it easier to determine if the service truly understands your needs. Also, list your security concerns.

Stating a clear purpose for the service and a list of daily tasks will also help the company know what you expect. In addition, review the worst-case scenarios or situations you find yourself in. This will help you screen the service and understand what they want you to do. 

#2 Check certifications and licensing 

When hiring a bodyguard in Dubai, it is essential to be aware that few are experienced and many have no certification. If you are paying for a bodyguard, make sure that you hire a skilled one. That will often mean checking the company’s licensing and certification. It goes without saying that security officers should be certificated.

The licensing process for bodyguards varies in the UAE. In some emirates, a person can become a bodyguard without formal training or certification. In others, like Dubai, a person must complete a training program before becoming licensed as a bodyguard. 

That’s why many VIPs who frequent Dubai may opt for a company based in the city because that way, they know the licensing and certification requirements have been met. 

You will want to rule out any company that does not have the skills or trained bodyguards. The right bodyguard does not need to be seen and often isn’t but is keeping you safe.

#3 The use of technology

We all know how important technology is for staying in touch, but it is also an indispensable tool for identifying risks. That’s why you will want to choose security professionals that leverage technology.

Sure, physical skills will always come first in this industry, but it will be beneficial to have a bodyguard service that uses technology to communicate with you and others. If anything, it makes everything very efficient and straightforward. 

Bodyguards in Dubai can also use technology to carry out daily tasks more efficiently, like patrolling the premises at night or identifying a possible risk. If you use a specific platform to communicate with friends and family, then the bodyguard service should ideally use it to communicate too. That way, everyone can be on the same platform, ensuring a seamless experience. 

#4 Reliability is important

When you hire close protection in Dubai, you want to hire a true professional regardless of if they are male or female bodyguards. Professionalism and reliability are things that go hand in hand. The bodyguard needs to be there when you need them. In other words, fewer sick days and no unplanned off time. 

If life ends up bringing the inevitable or unexpected, the bodyguard company should have a team ready to accommodate it. That way, you are never left without appropriate close protection throughout your stay in Dubai. 

#5 Trust in your personal protection services 

As a client, you need to build a trusting relationship with the person watching your back. Sure, you don’t have to be best friends to expect excellent protection, but you will want to build a genuine connection with anyone working with you.

Don’t take your safety lightly, and those you hire for it, but they should make you feel comfortable. That’s why it is essential that you start by vetting the company thoroughly before you choose them as your bodyguard service. 

Common mistakes made when hiring personal protection services 

As one of the leading bodyguard companies in Dubai, we see many people end up with the wrong company. While there are many reasons for this, one of which is personal preference, the wrong company often means you’re paying for inadequate protection. 

All services in Dubai have male and female bodyguards so that shouldn't be your prime concern, instead, your concern should be finding a service that has your personal safety planned.

As someone in the market for a bodyguard in Dubai, it is essential not to make these mistakes. If anything, avoiding these mistakes will help ensure you are safe and save you a great deal of time. 

Hiring close protection services based on price 

The worst thing you can do is shop for a bodyguard or personal protection service based on price alone. Pricing is relative, and bodyguards that are well trained with years of experience aren’t cheap.

However, your life isn’t cheap either; in fact, they are responsible for protecting your most precious asset, i.e., that’s why you don’t want to cheap out on hiring for example private residential security for our villa.

While price is most certainly something some people may consider, it shouldn’t make or break a deal. It should probably be one of the things that you consider if all things are equal when comparing multiple bodyguarding services in Dubai. 

Not knowing what you want from the security services

Yes, you know that you need personal protection or a bodyguard. However, you need to figure out if you want a bodyguard with you 24/7 or only during the waking hours. Also, do you want the bodyguard to screen everyone before they meet you and follow you to every meeting? 

It is essential that you what you need. Being clueless or leaving the decision up to later or when it comes time to hire a bodyguard is too late. Know what you want the bodyguard to do before approaching a company. 

Getting someone else to do it 

Many people visiting Dubai may ask that their business manager hire a bodyguard before their arrival. It is okay, for the most part, as the business manager has probably hired a bodyguard and has a relationship with the companies. However, leaving something like this to the business manager has two significant drawbacks.

The first is that the business manager may not know what you want regarding the number of guards, their timings, and budget. The second is, even if they knew all of that will the business manager make an effort to screen every company and put in the research needed to find the best one in Dubai with extensive experience?

While we don’t expect you to stay in Dubai without a bodyguard, we strongly advise that you at least have one trusted company always here to keep you safe. Having a trusted company on the payroll means that regardless of when you arrive in Dubai, the best highly trained personal security is there waiting for you.

Relying only on recommendations 

We see many people making this mistake. The assumption is that the person recommending a bodyguard company is an expert, which they quite frankly aren’t. Only someone who has been a bodyguard or does business in the industry can be considered an expert. 

While a recommendation is a good start, you still want to do your research and work everything out with the company. Do not rely on a recommendation to ensure that your protection is in good hands. 

Final word 

Hiring a bodyguard company or bodyguards in Dubai may come across as easy, but looks can be deceiving. The city is home to dozens of bodyguard companies, and many of them employ cheap labor who aren’t adequately trained to keep a VIP or VVIP safe.

That’s why it is essential to find and hire a company that understands your security needs. Fortunately, at UK Close Protection Services Ltd, we have the best and most qualified bodyguards. 

Our bodyguard service can be custom-tailored to your needs. Furthermore, our years of experience in this industry means that we already know what you need and can start ensuring you are safe from the time we get on board.

That’s why we are one of the leading bodyguards in Dubai and the UK with a full range of services.
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