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About us

At UK Close Protection Services we pride ourselves on delivering first-class, professional, reliable, and cost effective personal security services all times. 

UK Close Protection Services is an independent and industry leading private security service provider based in London, offering clients with a range of securing services. Whether you need residential security in London or want to hire residential security in London, we have the best available for you. We mainly operate in the prime locations of London and have the capability and manpower to operate throughout the United Kingdom for our clients.

Pioneering a new approach to help provide clients with the best security services, we have excelled in premium risk mitigation, intelligence and protective solutions. UK Close Protection Services was established with a mission – to revolutionise the personal security and surveillance industry. And we aim to achieve this goal with our elite expertise and the best practices in the business.

When you hire close protection in London, you expect the professional to be well-equipped with all the combat training skills and weapons handling. This is why we have a team that consist only experts from the armed forces, specialist police units and intelligence agencies. Our team members bring with them decades of combined experience and a great understanding of potential threats in the modern day society is unrivalled.

As a result, we are capable to deliver custom personal and residential security London, which makes us the top bodyguard company to suit the needs of both private individuals and businesses alike.

Our Story

UK Close Protection Services was established with a goal to take the personal security and close protection security standards to the highest level. Since the inception, we have been working every day to ensure better client satisfaction. After years, we take pride in being among the leading residential security London providers and close protection experts and we have built a team who’s in the field experience ranks amongst the best in the industry.

Our security drivers know every nook and corner of London and surrounding areas so you can be sure about better security when we transport to your location. We carefully listen to your security needs with goal to deliver the best and tailor-made security solution that would match your expectations.

Whether it is residential security, personal security or close protection security services that you need, we have got you covered with a range of security services.

Here’s why we are the right choice!

Our bodyguards and security experts are not selected randomly, but they belong to a very specific industry or have completed their certification in the personal security. The goal is to ensure delivering the highest standard in close protection with outstanding professional etiquette.

Industry Expertise

Since 2010, we have been serving our valued clients with the best and most effective close protection and residential security services that are tailored to their needs. Our excellent local knowledge and weapon handling skills help us eliminate every single threat that may come your way. Since we are a fully-licensed and certified agency, you can be sure about the safety and security of you and your loved ones.

Live Your Life without Worry

Once you have a bodyguard with you from UK Close Protection Services, knowing that the professional has done exclusive training in the combat skills and weapon handling, you can be relax and focus on living your life normally. So, you can enjoy visiting social events, shopping trips and longer journeys all in your stride. We just want you to enjoy and carry out your everyday activities without fear of attack.

Perfectly Attuned Protection

Each member in the team is hired after proper screening and understanding the skills and certification the individual possesses. The hiring process is very defined and strict to ensure that the close protection operatives can fulfil the demands of each project, ensuring that they are a perfect fit for the skills required. With most of close protection experts coming from police or military backgrounds, they can ensure that the protection that you receive is exactly what you want.

Guaranteed Quality, Privacy and Discretion

The bodyguard you will have with you is going to be a licensed professional and registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA). So, they will ensure working according to the industry standards and can handle all kinds of security assignments without any error. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with the clients, with a goal to ensure your utmost privacy and discretion. UK Close Protection Services is a registered bodyguard company where you can hire residential security in London or bodyguards for complete safety.

Intrepid Risk Management

At UK Close Protection Services, our biggest asset is the quality of our personal security services. we are equipped with the latest gadgets, tracking devices, arms and everything else to deal with the potential threat or attack on the clients. This is the reason that we are the top choice of elite clients who need to hire close protection in London from the best bodyguard company. We proud of our unmatched client satisfaction and continue to strive for further excellence.

Who We Serve?

Anyone who needs professional protection against any kind of threat or danger may hire close protection in London from us. However, we have been mostly working with clients that belong to the following groups:

- Royalty
- Public figures
- High-net-worth individuals
- Corporate
- Government agencies
- Non-governmental organisations

Get in touch with us today!

If you feel that you have a threat or could benefit from additional security support, why not hire a professional bodyguard company? Our team of professional close security experts will be happy to help you with all your close protection and residential security needs.

Every call and enquiry we receive for close protection needs is dealt with using the utmost discretion, respect, carefulness and understanding.

For more information regarding our security services or to hire residential security London or close protection expert, please contact our team by phone at 44 (0) 203 605 1874, or through our contact us form.