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Security driver services.

Some clients think that it is enough to contract any personal protection professional and ask him to drive the interested party around to be considered fully protected. Unfortunately, it is not a right attitude.

In this publication, the author would like to elaborate on the profession of a security driver and the aspects he must take into consideration while accepting transportation or escorting based order to be realized.

It goes without saying that such a person has to be a professional and skilled close protection chauffeur capable of performing even most demanding maneuvers subconsciously, in the blink of an eye.

Experts in the field claim that in the case of truly dangerous and hazardous situations, three seconds is the threshold between life and death for both the security chauffeur and the passenger. The statement holds true especially for road accidents, ambushes, and all forms of road obstacles that must be avoided quickly and without hesitation.

Moreover, the professional specializing in transporting clients around the specified area must be fully familiar with all the advantages and flaws of the car he is driving.
Security driver hire
This aspect is frequently neglected, which may have detrimental consequences to both the comfort of the subject to be secured and his or her safety.

The driver is required to be knowledgeable about the specification and characteristic features of his car, engine power, tire pressure, vehicle measurements, torque, glass plastic elements durability, etc.

Those are all the matters that may be also considered and estimated by possible wrongdoers and may either make or break the assault. In order to avoid surprises, security drivers often decide to slightly modify, fine-tune, or customize their automobiles.

The said activity serves an important purpose, as it helps the said party to distinguish the car he has been driving from other, standard ones that can be found anywhere else around the world.

Most common modifications made are:
- window tinting,
- bulletproof elements introducing,
- changing typical tires to more durable ones, increasing the power and torque of the vehicle,
- equipping all the possible compartments of the car with useful devices, such as communication devices, weapons, Tasers, or  first aid kits.

All those combined ensure the safety of the passenger, but may be exceptionally costly.

That is why comprehensive protection is especially offered to celebrities, wealthy businessmen, and authorities demanding full safety. It must be also stated at this point that a qualified chauffeur must consider not only inside but also outside aspects while deciding on the route to take, vehicle to use, or time of day to provide the service at.

To be more specific, he has to be familiar with long term weather forecasts, road information, and all the emergency notifications presented on TV or in the radio.
Chauffeur Security Services
They all help the professional to choose best tires, adjust the suspension, or  if need be  decide on taking a detour that may increase the overall safety level of the passenger. Shall an ambush or assault take place, the security driver must be capable of making instant decisions about trying to lose the offenders or using the car as a weapon.

Those are all the aspects of so-called “defensive” and “offensive” driving techniques. While taking into account the first one, it is predominantly based on avoiding direct encounter, running away from the enemy, and keeping the health and life of the passenger in mind at all times.

The second method of driving is much more challenging and at the same time  dangerous. It requires the bodyguard to sacrifice his valuable vehicle, precious health, and sometimes  even his life to make it from point A to point B.

The latter may involve shooting wrongdoers while driving the car, using it to ram a barricade, or to scare away a criminal approaching to jump on the vehicle and kidnap the subject.

Obviously, those are extreme cases that are in the majority of cases considered only theoretically, but each and every professional driver must be acquainted with them to be able to act in a desirable way and avoid making mistakes that may end up being lethal for both the passenger and himself.

Nowadays, personal protection professionals are remarkably supported by technological solutions and devices installed by car manufacturers.

Those are, among others, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), comprehensive vehicle tracking, remote vehicle shutdown, and automatic window tinting. Thanks to their utilization, it is significantly easier for the professional to exercise supervision over the vehicle, the transported passenger, the road, and the possible obstacles to be avoided.

Therefore, a statement may be formulated that it takes much more than a skilled driver to ensure that the interested party will reach the destination safely and punctually. Sometimes, the incorporation of advanced solutions, the knowledge of unusual situations and ways of handling them, as well as the cooperation with other crewmembers may be inevitable to realize the order.

Without all of them combined, wrongdoers’ tasks may be easily achieved by simply deceiving the driver, damaging his automobile, or maneuvering him into a point of no return.

The client must bear all of the above in mind while placing a safe transportation order to be realized, as the task must be exceptionally difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to controversial authorities, famous celebrities, and people that are not especially accepted by the society as a whole or by a small group capable of resorting to terror to eliminate them.

Choosing the right security company able to provide the discussed service meticulously from the very beginning to the very end is the key to success.