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Need Next-Gen Close Protection And Security Services For Added Layer Of Safety?

UK Close Protection Services is just a call away!

UK Close Protection Services is one of the most trusted and recommended name in the close protection and security industry, offering unmatched and tailored solutions to elite personalities like politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs, corporate, etc. we offer the best-ever personal security services with a genuine 24/7/365 response centre supporting our teams along with real time alerts, backups, and mobile tracking.

We have a complete team of security experts that consists of highly trained bodyguards, analysts and more to ensure complete safety and to eliminate potential risks even before they reach our clients. What UK Close Protection Services offers is more than just the manpower for your personal security, we are the one stop shop to help you build and maintain a security solution. The goal is to help keep your family safe and your assets secured.

You can trust on our teams for complete protection for your residential and commercial security needs. You can also hire close protection in London for overseas travel. AS the top bodyguard company, we can build security plans that are customized to match your personal needs. We conduct property and personal vulnerability assessments, all to ensure that you are safe and stress free, knowing that a professional residential security in London is always there to guard you and your loved ones. At UK Close Protection Services, we are also able to help build safe rooms, review current security plans to ensure filling any gaps and provide teams for bug sweeps.

Close Protection Services Customized to Your Unique Needs

UK Close Protection Services team isn’t limited to offering personal security guards to the clients, but we are specialists in offering a full-range of services to fulfil all your security needs across London. As one of the top service providers with highly trained and skilled professionals in the team, we specialize at mitigating risk and assisting clients in protecting their loved ones, financial value and physical property. Our security services include but are not limited to:

- Bodyguard services
- Private Security
- Close Protection services
- Residential Security
- Asset and High Value Goods Protection
- Child Protection services
- Chauffeur / Security Driver

How UK Close Protection Services Can Help You?

Our team of experts consists highly trained professionals with exemplary experience in the armed forces like Army, Police, etc. so they have all the skills, weapon handling techniques and threat identification skills to work diligently and help keep any at-risk person out of harm’s way. Once joined our bodyguard company, each security professional also undergoes a all types of pro-active protection procedures to sharpen the skills to help recognize, evaluate and neutralize potential threats before they become serious problems.

When you hire residential security London from UK Close Protection Services, you’d be glad to know that you are going to have professionally trained individuals who are already equipped with the skills and equipment to do their jobs with perfection. We are focused on preventing a situation from escalating.

There are many ways choosing a bodyguard company like us can offer benefits including:

24/7 Support

We have a well-equipped and technically advanced working station that works 24/7. It is a home to our highly specialized team of risk management team, crisis response coordinators, intelligence analysts, and more.

National Footprint

We are proud to be one of the London’s best and most recommended bodyguard company, offering residential security London, personal security, and close protection in London services. Additionally, we also offer overseas travel security by certified and trained professionals, dedicated to help upscale security requirements.


When you hire close protection in London with us, you don’t just get a professional who will remain with you to guard from threats, but also have a fully-functional team of analysts that works in the background to identify potential threats by reviewing the areas you’re visiting. We also send real-time alerts to your security guards for all kinds of updates.


With UK Close Protection Services, you know that you get high calibre of experienced and trusted personnel who know their jobs well. Each member in the team has been picked exclusively because of their unique skills and relevant experience and come from a wide variety of backgrounds particularly within the Army, police services, discreet government agencies, etc. They are licensed and certified with a vast array of skill sets and experience that can be matched and tailored to meet your exact requirements.


Since we have been offering the unmatched and professional security services to our elite clients across the country, UK Close Protection Services prides itself to be the most reputed, well established and well-known bodyguard company. We’re recommended as the top choice for Royalty, High Net Worth Individuals, Multinational Companies, Oil & Gas Majors, etc.


Whenever you hire a company for personal security, you want to be sure about its own authenticity and credibility. With UK Close Protection Services, you can be sure about the safety as we are a registered bodyguard company, known for consistent quality and compliance with the local laws to protect our clients in the best possible ways.


Whether it is personal security, residential security or oversees travel bodyguard, we can support all your security needs in London. Our services are customized to match your specific security needs and we pick the best professional, suitable for the particular job.

Contact us today for no obligation security advice.Need someone to be your partner for security and help you stay protected in across London or around the world? UK Close Protection Services is here to help!

We are a licensed and insured company to match all your security needs. We listen to your security needs, access the situation and suggest the best solutions for assured results.

Contact us at +44 203 605 1874 or simply fill the given form and one of our security experts will connect with you for a professional and reliable security advice.

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